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Salad Dressing
Wishbone Light Blue Cheese Dressing

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Wishbone Light Blue Cheese: Dressing or Chemical Soup?


Veggies everywhere, run for the hills! Salads, seek refuge. Heed my advice: never buy salad dressing with ingredients that are too small to be read by the naked eye.Of course, if your husband comes home with Wishbone Light Blue Cheese Dressing, I recommend forgiving him eventually. But don't bother opening this bottle of dressing ~ you will probably be just as disappointed as my family is. And you might even open up a new Viewpoints account to spread the word. ****Wishbone Light Blue Cheese Dressing is a white, creamy dressing with a strong aroma. I would say it smells like blue cheese, but it is not a pleasant aroma for me. There are no chunks of blue cheese in this dressing. Two flavors are prominent in this dressing: sweet and salt. The sweetness disgusts me ~ I wondered, why would blue cheese dressing be sweet? Answer: After water, the second ingredient is Corn Syrup. How lovely ~ on the bottle the company promises: "No High Fructose Corn Syrup". So, they substituted the regular variety instead. Sugar is another ingredient. Other ingredients which concern me, and do not contribute to the taste are Corn Starch and other thickeners, Artificial Flavors, Autolyzed Yeast Extract (a source of MSG) and EDTA and other preservatives. This sweet and sour dressing did not enhance my salads whatsoever. No one in my family liked it either, including my dear husband, who purchased it. It is lowfat (a serving has 2 grams of fat and only 50 calories) but I actually prefer NO dressing to Wishbone Light Blue Cheese Dressing.

Rocky Mtns., CO


Wishbone Light Blue Cheese Dressing

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