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The Best 10 Minutes Of My Life.


Quick & fast & Energy Efficient Ordering! My Online Website Experience Was The Very Best. I Selected "New Credit With Payments" & I Was Easily Approved.


New Hampshire USA


Perfect for Cheese Fantatic!


This website makes me proud to be originally from Wisconsin. Such a great place to get high quality cheeses of all kinds, from award winning cheeses, to speciality (which includes kinds I've never even heard of, like Irish Harp Cheddar and Bread Cheese, just to name a few, to your regular kinds and assortments. The price is a bit expensive, compared to your normal grocery shopping for cheese, but these are top notch cheeses. I found it completely worth the price. I was looking for a special unique gift for friends and then ended up buying some for myself later on. The have fantastic options for gifts, with great ranges of prices. Of course, the don't just stick to cheese, they have a great meat selections and chocolates too. One of the gifts I gravitated towards was the Cheese and Sausage Spirit Lifter Gift Assortment. My friends loved it. They gave great compliments! Shipping was no problem. Especially around the holidays, as I did order in plenty of time. I also really enjoy their "Cheese Chat", which includes cheese pairings, which is a knowledge I don't have. I'd eat any cheese with anything. I love that section of the website, as it helped me choose the right cheese!




Something else to smile and say "Cheese!" about.


Stacked up against the [*Fannie May* *Chocolates*][1] and *[Cheryl's Cookies][2] * out in them thar' snow-covered hills, the idea of giving **cheese** for the holidays seems sensible almost to the point of being downright virtuous.  Fortunately, we can count on ***The Wisconsin Cheeseman (WisconsinCheeseman.com)*** to protect us from being no better than (nor half as good as) we should be!  Established in 1946 -- back in the days when there really were shops that sold nothing but the finest of cheeses and dairy goods especially up in Wisconsin -- the folks at ***The Wisconsin Cheeseman*** have spent the last 52 years concentrating on not only the quality of their products but also insidiously enhancing the delectible variety of what they have to offer.  Today, a trip to their website or through the pages of their catalogue reveals not only fine cheeses and meats but also pastries, preserves, dried fruits, nuts, and candy ... especially a fine assortment of chocolate which includes a 3/4 lb. molded and personalized **Milk Chocolate Holiday Giftcard** for $16.99. Of course, cheese is still the main thrust here, including some unusual treats.  **Cheddar mixed with Blue Cheese** was a new one on me and seemed a bit odd -- then I imagined what it would taste like melting into the top of a burger just cooked in my [Foreman Grill][3] .  **Ah, Cheese Heaven!**  Also tempting are the twelve varieties of "*giftable, spreadable and incredibly edible*!" **Cold Pack Cheese Spreads**:  *Cheddar & Bacon, Sharp Cheddar, Cranberry Chutney, Garlic,Old Hickory, Cheddar & Blue, Port Wine, Horseradish, Jalapeno, Swiss Cheddar Almond, Garden Vegetable and Herb Garlic *available in 16 oz. cups.  (For customers who want to try all the flavors but maybe can't use a dozen pounds of Cheese Spread, there is also available for $19.99 a **Tasty Dozen Sampler** which holds one 2 oz. cup of each cold pack flavor.) Prices aren't bad (for this type of thing) and there are special deals for customers who order "in bulk" (more than one of the same item to the same address).  It goes without saying that there is a **Heart of Wisconsin Cheese Club** monthly gift plan which kicks off with a **Welcome Pack** of Aged Cheddar, Colby and Edam, a Stainless Steel Cleaver, and a Cheese Board plus either **Three Months for $89.99**:  Welcome Pack in December plus January (*Mozzarella & Provolone*) and February (*Muester & Havarti*), **Six Months for $159.99** including Three Month Club followed by March (*Ball Gouda*), April (*Sharp Cheddar Spread, Curds, & Strings*), May (*Monterey & Pepper Jack*), or **Nine Month Club for $229.99** which includes Three and Six Month formats in addition to September (*Aged & Mellow Cheddar*), October (*Colby & Brick*), and November (*Aged Swiss & Baby Swiss*).  **MY VIEWPOINT**: For further product and costing information, visit ***WisconsinCheeseman.com***.  One potential problem I can see with the **Nine Month** **Heart of Wisconsin Cheese Club** is that a lot of Americans (including me) tend to have rather parochial, non-adventurous tastes where cheese is concerned.  I personally can't think of anyone who really likes **all** those types of cheese in the **Nine Month Club**.  It might be wise for the gang at ***The Wisconsin Cheeseman*** to offer the option of certain months repeated eight times according to a client's personal taste.  Most people would enjoy that plan.  (Twelve **TONS** of **Cheddar mixed with Blue Cheese** wouldn't exactly suck either!)           [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Fannie-May-Assorted-Chocolates-review-dfef4 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Cheryl-Company-Cookies--144820-review-3f350 [3]: http://www.viewpoints.com/George-Foreman-Super-Champ-Grill-Model-GR18BWC-review-dbec7


Oak Park, IL



5.0 3