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Wireless Gear - Bluetooth Speaker Phone

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Amazing sound in such a small package


I had won this as a gift and had contemplated just keeping it in the package for a girt if needed but I was curious. and I was not disappointed, the sound quality is amazing and the portability is wonderful! I can charge it and take it where ever I want to go, it has come in handy for days at the park and beach with my daughter. I have to say this is a five star product.



This Bluetooth speaker phone is a waste of time and money.


I purchased the Wireless Gear Speaker Phone for use in my car with my cell phone because I do not like to have a bluetooth or headset right in my ear. This item clips to the visor in your car. The instructions were to charge it for at least 3 hours until the light went off and then it would be ready. It took longer to charge than stated and I was only able to use it that evening and it was dead again the next morning. The people that I was able to talk to said I sounded like I was far far away or in a tunnel. I have since tried to recharge it and cannot get it to take a charge. Other than its original charge it has not worked since. This item was on clearance when I purchased it and now I know why. It is not worth the clearance price much less the amount they originally wanted for it. I am returning it to the store and will have to figure out a better way to be able to communicate if I am in the car. 

Knoxville, TN


Wireless Gear - Bluetooth Speaker Phone

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