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Tube Pans
Wilton Indulgence Professional Fluted Tube Pan

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Wilton Indulgence Tube Pan is Worth the Money


I am such a fan of Wilton's Indulgence line and this Tube Pan is no exception. I do not own one myself, though I wish I did. However, I worked for a small men's residence as a personal chef and they had one of these in their kitchen. I loved it for making coffee cakes and pound cakes for weekend treats for them. Wilton's Indulgence line is unique because of its special non-stick nature. They have created a non-stick coating that is apparently so good that they are confident that you can use a metal utensil on it. I have not done so because I don't want to tempt fate. But they do back up their claim with a 10 year warranty, so it probably is safe to use metal. This awesome non-stick coating keeps cakes from sticking, and when using this pan I never had pieces of cake left in the pan when I tried to get it out. Additionally, the design of this pan is excellent. Handles are such a great idea and all Tube Pans should have them. Because Tube Pans have to be turned upside-down to get their contents out, and because their contents are often very heavy, it can be very difficult to get a cake out of one whole. This pan, with its handles, eliminated much of the difficulty. I would love to have one of these pans in my own kitchen.

Forsyth, MO


This pan is awesome


This is a professional weight and type of cake pan. It is a little pricy in my opinion worth the extra cost. I did use a discount coupon from Michaels and that brought it into what I considered a good value. Performance The weight of this pan says it all. It bakes evenly and your favorite bundt cake will be perfect every time. I highly recommend this and other Wilton cake pans as a great shower/wedding/birthday gifts. Ease of Cleaning Even with all the little knocks this pan is easy to clean. The cakes come out easily (I do use a pre- spray) and a little hot soapy water does the trick. I always take the cake out as soon as it cools a little, the put the pan to soak and clean up is a breeze. Durability . This is a pan made to last and is one that you will be able to use for years to come. It has a great finish on it and you don't have to worry if the cake will bake evenly. Design The design of this pan makes your cake stand out and look special. I was afraid that with all the little in's and outs that it would be difficult to clean. Wrong. The finish makes it easy to clean and the overall size makes a nice size cake. Doesn't Stick This is one of my favorite pans and now I don't worry if a cake will turn out okay but I do recommend using a cooking spray. I prefer the one for baking that has flour in it.

Peoria, AZ


Wilton Indulgence Professional Fluted Tube Pan

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