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Wilton Gingerbread Man Pan

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so cute


Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are both fast approaching, I went out and bought the Wilton Gingerbread Man cake Pan. I have only experimented with it by using it to make a cowgirl cake (instead of decorating it as a gingerbread man cake) and it turned out wonderful. I love that the cake itself gives you the basic outlines of the details to help you when you decorate it. My children are all excited and looking forward to our "gingerbread man cake project" as they call it. We have purchased various candies to use to decorate him. This cake pan is light weight, but good quality. The cake doesn't seem to stick to it. And it was not really expensive at all. Clean up is also fairly easy. And as I mentioned, you can modify it and make a variety of different cakes. So it is versatile. And it will help my children and I make memories together that will last a life time. So I highly recommend this to any mother out there who is looking for something entertaining to do with her children!

La Rue, OH


One of my favorite pans during the holiday season


I love gingerbread boys and girls so during the holidays my kitchen is filled with gingerbread kids. Last year I bought this Wilton pan. Normally if it is a Wilton pan it is heavy duty so I was surprised to find this was a normal light weight pan. I had mixed a cake and found that it is to much batter and raised to much in the middle. The next one I kept some of the batter out and used it for cup cakes. That cake was fine. This one is easy to decorate and the kids loved helping do that. Later I used the pan as a mold for a jello salad and everyone seemed to think it was really special. Performance This pan can be used for multi- projects. Use your imagination and this gingerbread boy pan will be a favorite. Does a great job of baking - just don't overfill pan so center will be flat. Ease of Cleaning The pan doesn't have a lot of grooves and is coated which makes easy clean up. I did pre-spray it before I baked in it and would recommend that you do so. Durability This pan is lighter weight than other Wilton pans that I have but I only use it during the holidays and am sure it will last for years. Good price for a decorator pan but I used a coupon and I thought a bargain. Design It doesn't have a lot of detail but I find that a good thing as you then have the option of using your imagination and decorating however you would like, Doesn't Stick I had no problem removing the cake from the pan but I do pre-spray and clean as soon as the pan is cooled. The light no stick finish is a plus as well.

Peoria, AZ


Wilton Gingerbread Man Pan

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