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Wilton 12 Inch Disposable Decorating Bags

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Hassle Free Cleaning


I started out in the baking world like most little girls learning to bake by watching my grandmother. As I started to show an interest she started by me Wilton's products. The first and only bags I used were reusable pipping bags and they were a pain. Many years later I discovered disposable bags it was a game changer. I found that using these bags compared to traditional reusable bags was so much simpler. The thin material make them easy to handle and convenient to store. Best of all when you're finished you just throw them out! I use these bags for all sorts of tasks from cake decorating to filling deviled eggs!


Fayetteville, North Carolina


The only icing bags!


I first saw these bags when I was a little girl. My Mom made cakes a lot and she always used the Wilton bags. While she mostly used the reusable ones, I am a new generation and prefer the disposable. These bags are thick and tough. They can take a good squeeze without bursting or leaking. I have used them to decorate cakes and to fill cupcakes. All you have to do is but the tip off, put your icing tip fittings on the end of the bag, and start filling the bag with your icing or filling. But learn from my mistakes, do not overfill the bag or it will come pouring out the back. I am not aware of any other icing bags on the market and I am fine with that because Wilton has a consistent high quality product. At times when I have run out of Wilton bags I tried using sandwich bags which was a huge disaster. The sandwich bags are too thick and burst very easily. Take it from me, stick with Wilton. Ease of Cleaning I do not clean mine, I use the disposable and throw them away. Durability Very tough! They can take a hard squeeze and never burst! Design I couldn't ask for better.


Empire, AL


Makes decorating easier


I really like to bake cupcakes for special family occasions, holidays, and work events. Because of that, I decided to try the Wilton 12" Disposable Decorating Bags to decorate the cupcakes. These are really convenient because after you use them, you can just throw them away. You don't have to worry about trying to clean out the bag to use again in the future. They are also inexpensive enough that I don't mind throwing them away after I use them. When I use these, I cut the corner edge of the bag, and then I place the tip for the type of piping style I want on the cupcakes or cake I'm decorating. I fold down the top of the bag, and I put in the icing. When I'm not using the bag during my baking, I normally place the Wilton Bag in a cup so it doesn't make a mess. These bags are sturdy, and you don't have to worry about the seams breaking while you are decorating your cake. These are also easy to find. They're normally found at crafting stores like A.C. Moore or even online at wilton.com. Ease of Cleaning These bags don't require any cleaning. You can just throw them away when you're done using the bag. Durability I never had any problems with the seams of this bag ripping.




Baking Staple


Wilton's twelve inch decorating bags are a staple for any baker whether it is professional or just a mom wanting to make her cakes and cupcakes a little special. I love how much frosting these bags hold, and when you use the plastic wrap trick with your icing you can get multiple uses from one bag. The bags are all connected to a perforation strip which makes them easy to tear apart. I think these bags are much more convenient than the nylon bags that you need to wash after each use. You can also use these bags, cutting just a small tip of the bag off, to pipe out chocolate designs instead of spending more money on squeeze bottles. I wouldn't recommend melting the chocolate in the bag (although you can), but the bag may eventually melt and become too hot to handle. These bags are also for use with smaller tips. I recommend buying the larger eighteen inch disposable bags (which is also made by Wilton in smaller boxes) if you would like to use a larger tip that requires a large coupler. The back of the box tears out so you can keep your bags orderly and stored in the box just like how you pull out a garbage bag from it's box. I am not a professional baker. I am a mother of two wonderful children, and bake cupcakes for their school parties. I wanted to make them special for the holidays and these bags were my first go to. I bought an extra box to keep in my cupboard to make sure I always have some on hand. Ease of Cleaning You can clean these with no problem, but if I'm going to reuse any of them I use the frosting trick with plastic wrap. Durability These bags are extremely durable, and I've only had an issue once or twice trying to get the bag to stay still so I could twist the coupler off. Design Absolutely perfect design for it's duty. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the frosting directly in the bag, but that comes with the territory and is expected.




These Bags Are A Staple In Our Kitchen


My daughter is a food fanatic. One of her passions in life is cake decorating. She LOVES decorating with frosting and even practices with body lotion on a cut off ziploc bag when she has to apply lotion to the skin! One of the things that my daughter made sure to get for our kitchen was a pack of disposable frosting bags. She has an entire collection of tips and couplers for the bags and we love to use them to decorate with! These bags are constructed so that you can melt candy melt stuff and use the bags to pipe them to decorate with. Ease of Cleaning Because these are disposable, clean up is a breeze. Instead of trying to force the tips back through the bag when we are done, we simply cut off the end, and take the coupler and tip off that way, making for easier cleaning. Durability I have never had a problem with leaking out of the sides or bags stretching or having holes in them when using them. A bag easily lasts through an entire decorating session. Design The bags are loaded up into a box making for easier dispensing so that you don't have bags all over the counter. They stay in the box until we pull them out. The disposable bags are my favorite way to decorate with frosting. We have some re-usable frosting bags, but rarely use them anymore. The disposable bags seem so much nicer to use. You can see through them to see how much frosting is left, and when done, clean up is wonderful.


Podunk, NY


a great tool~


these are great bags when you are using royal icing or buttercream and don't have time to wash a reusuable bag.  i use them in my cake decorating classes because they are easy to dispose when i'm done and it cuts the clean up time in half.  a handy tool when you're in a pinch!


Goshen, KY


Cake decorator's delight


I love the Wilton disposable icing bags!! They are FABULOUS!!!  These bags allow you to decorate a cake without having to wash the icing bags, like you used to have to do.  You simply put the icing in the bag, with the tips attached, and decorate.  How much easier could it get???  When you're done, toss it in the trash, just remember to take you tips, and couplers out.


West Winfield, NY


Save time...No mess to clean up


So I decide to make my one year olds brithday cake for his 1st brithday party. I had never used these bags before and my boss got them for me as a gift... Ilove them... I will never use anything else again ever. They are so easy to use no mess and easy to clean up. You can have all the color of frosting you need ready to go just like the people on TV do...when you are done just throw them away in the trash and you are done. They don't leak and they don't tear like the ziploc bags I had been using before when I would make my cakes.


Dallas, TX


they are kindof a pain


I first started out with the parchment paper for cake decorating and realized that was not working. So my mom introduced me to these bags. These bags and plus sides to them and negatives. I really like how convienet they are just simply put them together and they are ready to go. They are disposable so not nasty clean ups except for the bottom peices and takes less time vs the reuseable bags.. If you put to much icing in the bag it starts to leak up towards the top so times it will flow out the wrong end specially if your suqeeze to hard. The icing will also stay fresh in the bag for a week if you have all the right tools to seal it up. . The bag can also rip easlily at the bottom if your not careful causing icing to spew out the sides. The bags will also melt in the microwave even if only 45 seconds to melt chocolates for candy making. They are fairly priced, but better if bought with a coupon. I would only recomend this product because there is honestly no other way


Saint Louis, MO


Wiltons Disposible Decorating Bags are great and No Mess!


Being an avid baker and cake decorator I hate the hassle of washing and reusing messy decorating bags. The disposible bags from Wiltons was a great solution to my problem. They work great with a tip adapter or without one. Also the price is significantly lower than buying the reusable bags. I have found that often times the price can be about the same in that case you might as well buy the reusable ones, but, Wiltons is a trusted brand and has great value. I will definately be using these disposible decorating bags from now on. No more mess!


Marshall, MO


Wilton 12 Inch Disposable Decorating Bags

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