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Wilton 10 inch Tri-Tanium Fluted Tube Pan

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Picture Perfect your Cake with Wilton 10 in. Fluted Tube Pan


Most of my Pans are either garage sale bought or hand me downs it kind of hurts my pocket to expend over 20 or so in a cake pan I got this for my valentines ...I was so wrong! I am so happy with it I will be baking a lot more  .When someone tells you it does not matter how it looks like what matter is how it taste like ;don't believe them food gets trough people's eyes first and you want to eat this when you see it . This **Tri-Tanium material **means business in the non-sticking no scratching that they claim this pan has. Is a good size cake pan also 10 inches and has handles don't you love that specially if you are butter fingers like me I tend to drop thing and after you work hard on the recipe you don't want that It made my toughest judge (4yr son)ask for cake as soon as he seen it  was very funny . It is your choice also if you cook for those get together at church something that looks pretty if you are a good cook you want things to look as good as they taste . Besides a Bundt cake is a classic for lots of recipes so will be paying itself of if you thinking on buying a cake pan this is your choice !    

Junction City, AR


Wilton 10 inch Tri-Tanium Fluted Tube Pan

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