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Williams-Sonoma Half Sheet Pans

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Underwhelming at best!


I want to love these but they are just really not on par for quality and price point. They discolor almost immediately and I do not feel as though there is the value for the price. I feel I would be as well off using tin foil to bake on. They do not wear well and the discoloring after the first few uses is maddening. They are never clean and one does not want to scrub too hard and risk scraping the "special" coating. I now use them if I have to or too cook bacon in the oven.

New York, NY


Wonderful half sheet pans!!!


These pans are great. I purchased them two months ago and the results are fantastic. Can be used for multiple purposes. Easy to clean and they work like a non stick pan. Performance The cookies that I have baked on them bake evenly. The divets in the pan allow air to get under them so they all cook the same. Ease of Cleaning I have had many baking sheets in my time as I am a very big baker. These clean so simply that it is great. All I do is put them in the sink run hot or warm water and wipe them clean. I have yet to had to use brillo. A scrub type sponge works fine. Durability They have held up well. No scratches or dark spots on them. Design Like them because they are larger than the standard sheet. They hold many more cookies and I made a sponge cake for a jelly roll and the pan worked out well. Doesn't Stick So far to date I have had nothing stick to the pan. I have no made something very sticky on it as of yet but I seem to think that a spray on the pan would work well.



IF you bake you need this!


I have never owned a William Sonoma bake pan. I received this for my birthday. I thought Ok - this is nice. Now I think - I need some more of their pans. I used this for everything. I have made rolls, cakes, brownies. I love the finish on this pan. Seems like nothing sticks to it. It bakes incredible even and nothing seems to burn on it either. Once I overcooked the rolls and the funny part was the bottoms were not burnt but the top was. My only explaination was the pan because any other time the botton of my rolls would have been BLACK. But I just cut off the top and everyone ate them! I think the weight of the pan helps to cook more even. I think the pan looks nice because it has the gold color. I like the way it bakes. My sister raved about her pan and I thought - it's a pan what are you talking about. I think that is why she bought it for me because now look - here I am raving about a cakepan. I really recommend it and if you bake I can not image not having it. Even if you don't bake but make pillsbury rolls for dinner. I pop them on here and bake them to perfection. Truely - get one and notice the difference for your self!. Enjoy your pan if you get it!

Pleasant Prairie, WI


The GoldTouch Half Sheet Pans are the best I've ever used


I was intrigued by the Williams Sonoma Gold Touch cookie sheet pans when I first saw them a couple of years ago, so I asked for a couple for Christmas. I now have two cookie sheets, two round baking pans, the muffin tin, and the Bundt pan-all with the GoldTouch finish. This is best bakeware I have ever used, and is worth every penny. Absolutely nothing sticks to these sheet pans: not dried on and crusty meat juices, not baked potato skins, and definitely not cookies. As soon as I used these the first time, I knew I would be done with parchment paper for all time. Also, the gold finish provides a great crust and great browning. The Williams Sonoma company recently revamped these cookie sheets as well, so the ones you see in the stores have a bubbled finish that is supposed to make cookies bake even more evenly. These pans are certainly not cheap, but I love them so much that I can't even call it a con. They are worth the extra money.

Temple Terrace, FL


Williams-Sonoma Half Sheet Pans

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