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Wigo Onyx Series Flat Iron

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Wigo Onyx is making me type this with a burned thumb!


A short while ago, I was given my Wigo Onyx straight iron.  It looks nicer than my cheapie one I had, and certainly straightens (and curls) better.  This straight iron got the job done, even on my thick hair. Unfortunately, getting the job done is not always done in a smooth, painless manner.  A problem I ran into from the very start was that something about the plates caught my hair; perhaps there's a small gap between the plates and their connectors.  But it's quite an unpleasant thing to have your hair pulled with every stroke.  I found a way to cope with this; I had to separate my hair into even smaller segments and had to meticulously pull the straight iron making sure that my hair didn't tread anywhere near the edges.   The other problem, which is the reason I am writing a review, is that the straight iron does not seem to clasp enough to efficiently straighten the hair.  Using common sense, I used my hand to hold the end of the straight iron shut.  Every time I do this (and I don't know why I do), I burn my thumb.  The tip of the iron heats of substantially on the outside making prolonged use uncomfortable.   I think next time I will save up for a Chi.

Gilbert, AZ


Wigo Onyx series not exactly pure gold


I have had two of the Wigo Onyx Series 1 1/2" flat irons. Not because I loved them so much, but because they don't seem to hold up. Supposedly top of the line, they don't seem to hold up well under normal use. (i.e. 5-6 days/week) The first one simply stopped working after only one year. The good thing was that this model has a 5-year limited warranty.  The second one has been working for almost 4 years. Working quite nicely, in fact until about a month ago. While using it I accidentally singed my hair, even though the heat setting was on the same lo-med setting I usually used. It shouldn't have gotten so hot, based on the setting. Thinking maybe it was me, I gave it another try a few days later, this time putting it on the lowest heat setting. To my shock, it was as super-hot as it had been a few days before.  It's still under warranty, but I don't think I want another one. Maybe just bad luck, but twice burned...I'm out.

Kent, OH


Wigo Onyx Series Flat Iron

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