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Wigo Europe Professional Ceramic 1inch Flat Iron -

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This flat iron is fine


I used this flat iron for a few years. All the way to the point where the cord disconnected and I tapes the cord to the flat iron and it still functioned. I have a flat iron now that has bristles. And when I compare it to the Wigo with no bristles, I remember back to when I would flat iron a wave and sometimes that wave would get crunched up in the wigo and it would come out looking like a crease. I dont think it was a high quality ceramic or tourmaline for maximum protection. I hate that burnt hair smell you get after straightening. What I did like was the temperature dial. Some of the inexpensive chi flat irons dont have that so when it heats up it gets its hottest and you can turn it down. I would rarely have my wigo up to full blast and it would still do the job. The size of the iron wasn't that large so I would have to break my hair into little sections and that was quite time consuming.


Oceanside, CA


I love my Wigo!


I really like my Wigo and have been using it for almost 3 years.  I bought it on sale (and had a coupon) at Ulta.  It ended up not being much more than one at Walmart. It does a good job straightening my hair -- even after it's been in a ponytail with the telltale bump in the hair. The hair straightener does a great job.  I have used it several times a month for several years and it's still getting hot, still doing the job. My sister had a Chi.  Key word - had.  Hers was expensive and broke quickly.  She has used mine and loves it. I have a hot pink one and think that it does exactly what I'm expecting of it and keeps my hair looking great. I don't use many styling products on my hair and feel like it hasn't done much in the form of damage.  I have uncolored hair and it isn't damaged nor does it have split ends. I think it's a great straightener and love that it works so great - even several years down the road.


Northwest Arkansas, AR


It Works Only For My Bangs


I think that the Wigo Straightener's (I have two of them) are just okay. I bought one, (the one with the sparkley outer plate?) and it worked for me for around a year, and then I gave it to my mom. She still uses it but the paint on the ceramic plates is chipping. Still usable though. The next one I bought was with some of my Christmas money and it had hot pink and zebra striped outer plates............. It works only on my bangs. And I have VERY manipulate-able hair. (Sorry, I know that not a word but I had to use it for lack of a better adjective) It makes me want to avoid straightening my hair. The first one I mentioned does the job, but may not be up for the long haul. The second one I entioned I think might just be a waste of money simply because I find myself shying away from it because heating up takes forever and even then I have to run over the same piece of hair a million times.


Northport, AL


The Wigo is the best straightner I've ever used!!!


I fell in love the Wigo hair straightener since the day I bought it!   It heats up really quickly and is very easy to use.  I am a busy mom who really doesnt have much time.  It is always helpful having something that makes your life easier around the house.  The easy temperature control helps you adjust the heat to the type of hair you have.  Some hair types require more heat to be styled than others.  The only cons about the Wigo are that there is no stand on it.  I actually burned some marks into my carpet.  Also, there is no auto shut off feature included.  I actually left it on all night once and woke up to a really hot straightener and a burn mark on my carpet.  When used responsibly however, this is a great product to purchase.  The price is not extremely high like other much pricer comprable products.  I would definetly recomend this styling product to any one who is looking for nice hair in a short period of time.


Saint Louis, MO


Sparkling fun, long lasting, flat iron.


I have had Wigo flat iron for about 2 years. I believe it is the best because most of the flat iron i have bought burned out after three months! Also because I do not have to put any extra cream on my hair in order to make it de-frizz. The Wigo flat iron automatically leaves my hair smooth and straight for the whole day. It is an amazing flat iron that I am glad that I purchased. Also it is very cute because of it's sparkly cover. I believe every one should go purchase a Wigo and you too will learn to fall in love with it.


Gurnee, IL


Wigo Europe Professional Ceramic 1inch Flat Iron -

3.6 5