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Widget Crochet lite

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Best Hook Since the Clover Soft Touch,great for aging eyes&hands


After finding the Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hooks, I found these the CrochetLite by widget, this is a lighted hook (they also make them in knitting needles and you can find out more at their site; widgetproducts dot net. These are both ergonomeic and lighted crochet hooks. As they say: Chain one...lite one. Crocheting has never been more fun with Clover's new Crochet Lites! Easy to use and perfect for dark yarns. Battery operated with a simple on/off switch. Available in nine sizes each having it's own beautiful color. Uses replacement batteries KL3987 (6/pkg) or KL3994 (3/pkg). The hooks are naturally plastic so the lightshines through,they also claim you'll be hooking in thr dark, well I'm not so sure of that at my age,but I will say that I won't be missing or skipping stitches anymore due to my new Eagle Eyes thanks to the light and my glasses The handles are also soft and bigger due to housing the battereis, Even bought one at a time when you have the extra money, theyare more than worth it! Looking for a gift for that aging crocheter in your life?..Widget has you covered and you'll see the spark you put back into her crafting world. I think Clover makes them too. You can find these bought just about everywhere they sell crochet hooks these days! The trick id to find them t the best Prices, that's where the sales and the coupons especially the 40% coupons at JoAnns will come in Handy if you know how to use them. Well Happy Bargain Hunting and HappyCrocheting..ENJOY!

Central City, PA


Widget Crochet lite

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