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Whole Foods
Whole Foods Lemon Verbena French Milled Soap

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This French Milled Soap makes me feel super clean & soft!


I'm a little disappointed by Whole Foods because I find it very, very odd that a company that is so openly outspoken about caring for the environment should sell so many products that contain palm oil. Palm oil is one of the main reasons why rain forest are cut down, acres and acres are cleared to make way for palm plantations. Shame on them!  Aside from that, this soap changes your whole bathroom experience!  The scent of it is so amazing! It makes your whole bathroom smell like  a fresh citrus was just cut and squeezed. The aroma is simply wonderful. This soap makes my skin really soft and it also makes it really silky! It never fails to make me feel smooth and confident about my skin! This soap is the best soap that I have used in my whole entire life! The price isn't bad and the soap really does last a while! I have gifted this to all, and I mean all of the females in my family  (some male as well) and also to my friends.  I highly recommend this!

Palmdale, CA


Whole Foods Lemon Verbena French Milled Soap

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