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Whole Foods
Whole Foods Baby Wipes

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Great baby wipe


I love these because they are wet and sudsy and therefore you don't need many to clean a poopy bottom. I love the price, too. Compared to Seventh Generation, I believe they perform far better and are a much better price. I only wish they were listed on the Skin Deep Database so I could know how safe they really are.

Minneapolis, MN


When the Bum is REALLY dirty these are amazing!!!


A previous review said these wipe are too slimy and sudsy for cleaning up a baby's bum, and that may be true, but my son has been teething over the last few weeks and it seems to have given him the stickiest poo you can imagine! These wipes quickly and easily remove everything they touch. Yes - they are a bit sudsy and they're definitely very wet, but I was happily using Nature Babycare wipes since he was born, and i had to really scrub his bum to get it clean with that brand once he started teething. With other brands I had to use 3-4 wipes just to clean him up, and the one more "quality control" wipe, just to make sure all the little bits and parts are clean, but with these wipes, it's one wipe and the whole area is completely clean. The best part is, I am not irritating his bottom by excessive rubbing. Unlike other reviewers, I didn't feel that I needed to towel him off after a wipedown - the light moisture evaporated right away (though we do live in Phoenix, where it is quite dry).  The tub style works so well - the wipes actually pop up, one at a time. I used to get a huge handful of wipes stuck together, and it usually happened right when I had a huge mess in front of me! As a big side benefit, these wipes are not tested on animals, and they are free of harsh chemicals.  So, they may be a bit too wet to just do a quick freshening of baby's bum when its not especially dirty, but when you need something to completely clean a big mess, these are the wipes for you!

Phoenix, AZ


Too slimy and sudsy for a wipe.


As a parent, I was particularly concerned with avoiding baby wipes that were bleached with harsh chemicals, like chlorine and dioxin. Most of the mainstream brands, such as Huggies and Pampers use the cheaper, more skin-irritating chemicals. I have been a big fan of the Seventh Generation and Tushies Wipes because they do not use those chemicals to whiten their wipes. Unfortunately the aforementioned brands can be somewhat pricey. The Whole Foods store brand of wipes offered the potential eco and skin friendly product at a lower price. I love that the product isn't tested on animals (Pampers is part of the Procter and Gamble Co. which is notorious for excessive animal testing) but the quality of the product was not as good as the Seventh Gen. or Tushies. The wipes are overly wet and leave a soapy residue on the skin that often needs to be dried off with a towel. The fifty to eighty cents one saves by getting the Whole Foods Brand is not worth the drop in quality. The extra work to dry baby off and get that soapy slime off is annoying. My son did not like the sensation of the wipes on his skin. Instead I try to stock up on the Seventh Generation or Tushies when they are on sale and only get the Whole Foods when we are in a real pinch.

Portland, OR


Whole Foods Baby Wipes

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