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Whole Foods 365
Whole Foods 365 Citrus Grapefruit Shampoo

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Very disappointing


I was so dis-satisfied with this shampoo that I wound up taking it back to the store. Yes, it is all natural and does not contain Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfate. And it has an absolutely amazing scent. But those things, unfortunately, do not make up for its failings. It's extremely runny and does not lather even a little bit. You have to use so much of it that you'll run out way before you've made up for the price. I could stand less lather if it mean that my hair turned out well afterward, but it didn't. I have long, thick, straight hair. My hair was very dry and brittle, frizzy, and coarse-feeling after a wash with this shampoo, and I actually turned around and washed it again soon afterward because I just couldn't stand how awful my hair felt. I have heard that there was a recent formula change to all the 365 brand hair products and that they were much better before. I wish I'd had a chance to try them then. But as they are now, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Durham, NC


I like 365 shampoo


The best thing about this shampoo is the citrus grapefruit smell. It's fantastic. It also comes in an unscented variety, which is great for anyone who hates the generic smells. It's eco-friendly, it's pretty good for your hair although it's not the best shampoo in the world. I thought the consistency was just right. The color is pretty and the texture is nice and smooth. I mean, it cleans well, but it's not very hydrating or damage preventing or anything. Basically it's an average shampoo, but the smell is just HEAVENLY. Seriously. I thought the lather felt very nice. It's liquidy, which is how I like my shampoos, but I guess it could be a little watery to some. The bottle is very easy to open and looks very neat and clean. It's easy to pour shampoo from one bottle to another for traveling, especially because I don't think I've seen this particular shampoo in travel size. Overall a nice shampoo, eco friendly, smells amazing.

Buffalo Grove, IL




This product is okay.  I think it really depends on your hair type and what you want it for.  I use the 365 citrus grapefruit shampoo and conditioner.  I have shoulder length, thick, wavy/curls hair.  It really does not make my hair look all that great.  It's okay, but the waves and curls in my hair look better when I use a salon brand shampoo and conditioner.  Of course the salon brand shampoo and conditioner are full of stuff I don't really want to be putting on my head.  So my compromise is to use the salon brand stuff the couple of days a week when I really want my hair to look especially nice and to use the 365 shampoo and conditioner every other day.  That seems to work pretty well for me.  I do like the smell, and the price is good on this - especially if you buy the liter size, it's really quite cheap - and I like that it is safe for my head.  I just wish it worked better with my curls.  But I guess I can't have everything.

Battle Ground, IN


Not so sudsy but smells delish!


As a sensitive scalp sufferer, I try to find great shampoos that do not have sodium laurel suffate or sodium laureth sulfate. This often means no great sudsing action, and this shampoo is no exception. Most days I have to use twice to feel clean. This shampoo is also a great deal more watery than I would like and it takes a lot more product to work. All that being said, though, I really like this product and the clean citrus scent! It does not aggravate my scalp, which is huge, and I do not end up with oily icky hair like I have  with lots of products that are SLS free. All in all, a solid recommend!

Margaret, AL


Whole Foods 365 Citrus Grapefruit Shampoo

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