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Body Wash
White Rain
White Rain Sensations Energizing Citrus Hydrating Body Wash

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White Rain Energizing Citrus Body Wash is really cheap and works


You can't beat buying a 12 fluid ounce (354 ml.) bottle of body wash for 94 cents. That is what I paid for the White Rain Body Wash Energizing Citrus. It states on the bottle 'New! Hydra-Plex Lightweight formula Sensations'. The bottle has a nice grip around the middle with a flip-top lid. The color of the body wash is pink. When I opened the bottle, the body wash is a little on the runny side, compared to others I use, but it is fine. The smell is a lovely citrus smell that leaves me with a pleasant fragrance. When I put it on my poof, add water to it, it lathers well, and I do feel that it cleans me. At the price I paid for it, I have no problems in buying it again. Certainly worth the money. Effectiveness I felt clean after using it. Scent Love the citrus smell.

New Port Richey, FL


smells like old people. GROSS!!!!!!


I was intrigued by the fact that although this body wash is called energizing citrus they picture a watermelon on the front. What's up with that yo? Also scientific research shows that Bilberry extract has no beneficial health effects  whatsoever!

Boulder, CO


White Rain Sensations Energizing Citrus Hydrating Body Wash

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