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White Rain
White Rain Naturals Lavender Vanilla Conditioner

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Nice fragrance, not as bad as the shampoo, but that's it


I see the reviews on White Rain Naturals Lavender Vanilla Conditioner are more skewed than the shampoo. That surprises me. I actually prefered the conditioner over the shampoo. If you read my review on the shampoo (or at least the title of it), you will learn that it made my hair very dry and brittle. I have to wet and dry my hair daily or I can't style it. I use shampoo and conditioner one day and conditioner only the next. The conditioner made little difference on shampoo days. It got to the point where I completely covered my hair (roots to ends) in the conditioner instead of just mid-length to ends. On conditioner only days, my hair was not quite as brittle. And I continued to use the conditioner with another shampoo after I stopped using the White Rain Naturals Lavender Vanilla Shampoo. Again, not as dry or brittle. So I know the real problem for me was the shampoo. However, I have used much better conditioners that actually made my hair soft and I would not use this product again. It has a nice fragrance and it's cheap. But in this case, you get what you pay for.


Piedmont, NC


White Rain Naturals Conditioner Works Okay and is Priced Right


If your hair needs a little conditioning and cash is low, there are some viable options. Certain manufacturers are known for their low cost shampoos and conditioners and White Rain is one of the leaders in this market segment. A good option for those wanting to condition for less is **White Rain Naturals Lavender Vanilla Conditioner.** **Conditioner Facts and Commentary:** White Rain Naturals Lavender Vanilla Conditioner is a fragrant conditioner with a thick consistency and it only takes a small amount to spread around the hair. It should be left in the hair for about a minute before rinsing for best effects. I don't condition my hair very often and when I do, I find that most any brand will do the trick. And yes, that includes White Rain Naturals Lavender Vanilla Conditioner. This conditioner is less expensive than most and it helps add some conditioning to hair without breaking the bank. Is White Rain Naturals Lavender Vanilla Conditioner the optimal conditioner? No, I wouldn't go that far. For one thing, it can strip away fine hair if you try to work it around and this is because it doesn't spread very easily. It also tends to weigh the hair down and make it look flat. However, hair does feel soft and a single treatment is good for many days. **My Botttom Line:** White Rain Naturals Lavender Vanilla Conditioner isn't the greatest conditioner but it has enough good qualities to make it worth considering. Combined with White Rain's shampoo of the same name, it helps to counteract some of the drying effects of the shampoo and this is the way I recommend using it. I agree that there are better products, but for a price this low, it is still something most consumers should at least try.


Houston, TX


I love White Rain Conditioners


I love White Rain Conditioners, especially the Lavendar/ Vanilla conditioner.  I have very long, thick  and frizzy hair and need a conditioner that works very well.  I have tried many other conditioner brands and most leave my hair feeling heavy and greasy.  I am so impressed with White Rain and love how it makes my hair feeling soft, smooth and smelling delicious but without the cost of other leading conditioner brands.  At first I was afraid to try the White Rain Conditioners brand because of how cheap they were.  But now this is the only brand of conditioner that I buy.  They are 100% oil free which helps your hair to feel light and fresh. I also love that there are tons of different scents and types available so you can purchase one that works the best for your hair.  This conditioner is absolutely wonderful and my family and I will definitely continue using it as well as other White Rain products.


Pleasant Grove, UT


White Rain Naturals Lavender Vanilla Conditioner

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