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White Rain
White Rain Natural Shampoo

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i love it so much it smells so good it relaxes me right away.


i loved this shampoo so much. i am always wound up after chasing around my son all day. i am a very over protected mom so it's not easy for me to relax. but, when i brung this shampoo home i opened it for the first time and took a shower i relaxed right away and after my shower i actually fell asleep. it put me to sleep i couldn't believe it. this shampoo is so amazing it smells so good and is so relaxing i love it so much.


Taylorville, IL


My hair never looked so healthy.


White Rain Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner leave my hair feeling  healthy. That makes me happy. My hair has been damaged due to over processing, sun damage, heat from flat irons, hot combs and hair extentions. I needed a break. From all of it. I Started using White Rain naturals Shampoo and White Rains Conditioner about 3 or 4 months ago, and I must say that I have never loved a product more. Its affordable.Even for my tight budget. And a little goes a long long way. My brittle dry split ends and itchy scalp are now becoming a thing of the past. My hair looks so healthy. I feel so much better about myself. Hair is very important to me. I was walking around with my head buried in a hat or pulled back in a plain ol' pony tail. With all the damage i had I a really hard time styling my hair. All the hair gathering in my hair brush was depressing. I cried a lot of times. White Rain Naturals gives me the healthy hair I have always strived for. I never thought I could look this good.


Battle Creek, MI


white rain natural shampoos are very good when you are on a budg


i love white rain naturals because they are not expensive and they won't hurt your personal hygenge budget.  they come in different smells and you can get the conditioners to match.  i love using them because they make my hair smell great and they give me a light bouncy feeling.  i also have no frizz after using these products.


Paintsville, KY


White Rain Naturals shampoo is a great overall value!


White Rain Naturals Shampoo Lavender Vanilla scented is a great value!  I have an oily scalp but my long hair is rather dry from coloring it so many times and this White Rain Shampoo cleans my hair beautifully!  It lathers really well and it has such a great smell that after I use it the whole bathroom smells great!  My husband says that when I come into the room after using it, I have a cloud of delicious scent all around me.  The price is very low compared to the other shampoos I have bought and the quality is better than most of the expensive shampoos I have tried.  In this economy why pay salon prices when you can get something just as good, if not better, for a fraction of the cost.  My best friend is a hair dresser and she always reccomends Paul Mitchell products but this shampoo works better for me than the high priced salon brands.  I suspect that she may have a little "snob" going on by reccomending the expensive brand she sells!


Newton, MS


White Rain Natural Shampoo

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