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White Rain
White Rain Energizing Citrus Shampoo

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Inexpensive But Effective For Fine Hair


Having fine hair means having to try a lot of different shampoos to find one that is going to work for you and your specific needs. Normally I don't use scented shampoos but a friend told me that she loved the Energizing Citrus Shampoo from White Rain and urged me to try it. I did and I loved the scent of it because it wasn't strong and overpowering and it didn't stick with you for hours after you took a shower or washed your hair. I have a couple of different shampoos that I take with me to the gym; if I know I am going to have the time to take a shower I will take a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner but if I only have a couple of minutes I will take a dual shampoo and conditioning hair product. Since this is inexpensive I don't feel like kicking myself if I leave a bottle in the shower at the gym and the scent of it always gives me a little burst of energy that I need after a workout. This is comparable to a couple of other volume enhancing products from White Rain only there is a citrus scent to it. it lathers nicely and does a great job of cleaning my hair and leaving my scalp feel clean but it doesn't weigh my hair down. When I use hair styling gel or hairspray it can build up in my hair so I need something that is going to strip all that away without being harsh on my hair. This is a great shampoo to use in the summer because of the citrus scent; I have never had any problems with bees or other insects attacking me because I have used this and that is a huge concern for me when it comes to shampoo, conditioner and body wash.



Great for such a cheap price.


I have been using this shampoo off and on for years, and I buy it on sale when it is less than ninety-nine cents at my local drugstore. It is unbelievably affordable and works great for how much it costs. It gets all the oil out of my hair and makes my scalp feel really clean. It is slightly drying to the ends of my hair, but a good conditioner evens it out. It has a really nice thick lather and works the best when I use about two quarter size amounts on my long hair. It makes my hair shine really well in the sunlight. I love using this in the summer because it is just so refreshing with the citrus scent. It helps with the dandruff on the crown on my head. When I scrub with this, the flakes come off. It makes my hair wavier than usual because it removes all the product that I put in my hair. It is not the best when I dye my hair a bright color like red, but it is okay with browns and less vibrant colors. Scent Fruity/citrus

Las Vegas, NV


lackluster shampoo


When I first discovered the White Rain shampoo line I was wowed with the way they smelled and their extremely affordable price. Because of these two things I bought just about every different scent they had. I'm really wishing I hadn't done this. Yes this shampoo smells great, bright and fruity, just perfect for summer, but it doesn't clean your hair very effectively. This shampoo does not suds up very well, to get the amount of suds you need to feel you are actually cleaning your hair you have to use a lot more product than normal, so you're going through the bottle about three times faster than other shampoos so in the long run you're really not saving that much money by going with this brand. When you do finally get your hair clean it strips your hair of all it's natural oils and leaves your hair feeling kind of squeaky when you touch it, very dry. This shampoo is just not worth even it's cheap price.



white rain leaves my hair soft and shiny


White rain shampoo is really wonderful for me.  White Rain leaves my hair soft and mangeable without a lot of breakage..  When i use White Rain it leaves my scalp feeling clean and vibrating.  white rain helps to mourish and revitalize my course hair.  I am able to comb thru the tangle in my course hair easily when i -put white rain on it..  Whiter rain comes with a exclusive complex of vitamins and fruit extracts which nourish my hair and leaves it feeling very natural and healthy.  white rain gentle cleansing formula  helps keep my hair from breaking off into the comb..  For best result with my hair i like To massage White Rain on to my hair and let sit for a few minutes then rinse. I do this several times to feel the full effects of the white rain shampoo..  Unlike other shampoos white rain comes out very thick and creamy which makes me feel like i will get better results.  Also White Rain is safe for most kids and adults because it is tearfree and doesnt burn the eyes. For my best results I use my White Rain shampoo with the energizing white rain conditioner.Also White rain comes in a variety of scent that exhilarates the senses.  I really enjoy the White Rain strawberry passion scent. White Rain leaves my hair very soft  and manageable like no other shampoo can do . 

Atlanta, GA


White Rain Energizing Citrus Shampoo

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