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White Rain
White Rain Conditioners

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Good De-Tangler Conditioner for a Great Price


White Rain Apple Blossom conditioner is a good conditioner to mainly de-tangle your hair. It is incredibly priced and I often use this with the matching shampoo to break up my normal routine of using hair salon shampoos and conditioners. I also keep several bottles on hand in case my daughter or I run out of the other hair brands that we use. This is a conditioner that smells nice, like Granny Smith apples, and is perfect for everyday use for those with no other concerns other than getting tangles out of their hair from shampooing. Effectiveness This conditioner is mainly effective for getting tangles out of your hair for a reasonable price. I can get a comb right through my hair with no problem after towel drying it. Scent If you enjoy the scent of fresh apples, then you will like this conditioner. I am sensitive to strong scents and often have scent induced headaches from many products, but this conditioner does not bother me at all.




Summarize this product in one sentence.


Very bad quality Scent I hate hate this conditioner. I found a good buy on two bottles and it wasnt worth using on my dog haha! It leaves your hair gummy and pasty feeling. The saying, you pay for what you get is so true about these products. I think they do more harm than good and it would be best to not use any conditioner if this is all you had. I guess the shampoo is ok and I mean just OK..... I will not buy anymore of the white rain products ever again. I know this brand has been around a long long time and I guess some people can not afford a better brand. White rain really needs to update their products if you ask me. Hope this helps someone before they buy :).




White Rain Apple Blossom Hair Condotioner makes my hair shiny


**White Rain Apple Blossom hair conditioner smells very nice and makes my hair shiny and manageable.** **It detangles and my hair looks fuller after using it.** **My hair is long and I only need a little bit, one bottle goes a long ways.** **It has a flip top lid so you don't have to take the lid off every time you use it, a flip top lid is more convenient and easier to use. ** 


Lorain, OH


White Rain Apple Blossom smells great, but may make hair greasy.


For a long time, I was scared to buy a new brand of conditioner, simply because I had no idea what to go for. My mom had always done the job for me. Not knowing what I was doing, really, I began opening every bottle in the aisle, smelling it. I would then pick the one that smelled the best and use it. Obviously, this method isn't perfect, but it did help me discover this White Rain Apple Blossom conditioner. It is fairly inexpensive and is, thus, very affordable on my college-student budget. I can never get over how good it smells. There's nothing like aromatherapy when you're taking a shower! My one complaint with this conditioner is the way it makes my hair feel in the shower and then at the end of the day. It does make my hair feel soft in the shower, but also a little oily. And the worst thing is, my hair will be greasy by the end of the day if I've used this conditioner. My hair is naturally a little oily, so perhaps this product would work better for someone with dryer roots?


Evansville, IN


White rain good for the price


Good for the price but not the best in the market. Used this for when I was unable to get better quality. I prefer the conditioner as it does not impact my hair that bad. I liked using this for my kids - as its cheap and it is good on their hair and if they are wasteful (which seriously, most kids at some point are wasteful).... it is not the end of the world! Good for the stage where you are teaching your kids to not use a ton but use enough!  It smells good - it works well on their hair. For my hair - being thicker and curly and more coarse it is good for a quick wash but nothing fantastic.  Also - Like it when we are travelling - again for the cost it definatley is something to get to not worry about if we leave it behind or if it gets wasted while we are camping. With having 5 children - we go thru a lot of things and conditioner is one! So on vacation when they tend to be more lax - it definatley is a money saver. 


Warren, MI


White Rain Conditioners

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