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Whiskas Temptations Tantalizing Turkey Flavor Treats (3 oz. Pouch)

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Whiskas Chicken Flavored Temptations For Kittens!


My cats go wild over these treats. Mama and her Kitten equally. The package says they are crunchy on the outside and have a soft core. With one shake of the bag they know it's coming, and they are ALL over it. After eating these treats my little 6 week old kitten likes to think he's a tiger, running around crazily pouncing on anything he sees. He doesn't want to be called an innocent kitten, or a mere ball of fluff.. he's a hunter! You can't be fooled by his tinyness, for soon he will become Hercules like his papa. Under one stipulation.. you must feed him these treats to gain his greatness and strength! At least.. thats what he want's you to think.. And guess what else is in this small bag? Analysis that is guaranteed to give great results! Whiskas Temptations For Kittens give my little guy tarter control that is under 2 whole calories PER TREAT. Contains DHA for healthy brain development. Vitamins and taurine for healthy immune system. Supplemental calcium for healthy teeth and bones.. NO artificial flavors, 100% nutritionally complete & balanced for growth.. Now say.. What about that Hercules?

Chewelah, WA


Whiskas Temptations Tantalizing Turkey Flavor Treats (3 oz. Pouch)

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