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Whirlpool in. 4-Burner Induction Cooktop

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Buying this cooktop was the worst large-purchase decision I have ever made in my life! I absolutely hate this cooktop. Temperature Control This range takes so long to heat up! Boiling water is a task you must start about thirty minutes prior to actually wanting to cook. Do not mention if you are boiling a large amount of water because you will need an hour. Then once the water is heated, you cannot get it to stop boiling unless you turn off the heat for awhile and literally let the stove cool off. Heat Distribution Terrible heat distribution on this range. If you heat the front burner to high and the back burner to low, it seems as if the heat distributes from the front to the back causing the back to heat to medium instead of low. Durability It seems pretty durable, but I have not had it that long so I cannot truly attest to it's long term durability. Ease of Cleaning This cooktop is so hard to clean. If anything spills on it while you cook, you have to literally scrape it off. It always looks dirty and has what looks like water streaks on it.




attractive cooktop, but I miss my old style


I was really looking forward to my Whirlpool cooktop. We had an old style with the electric burners that plug in, with the metal catchers underneath. It was so hard to clean the old style - I thought an attractive flat top would the just the answer I needed. It's nice not to have to lift up the whole top and mess with the drip catchers, but honestly it's a bit of a pain to clean the top of the flat stove - especially if food or liquid burns on it. You can't really use scouring items, as they would scratch. Being limited to certain cleaners can be difficult - sometimes they clean, and sometimes it takes a while. Also, it heats up slowly, but once it's hot, it gets too hot. I really have to watch the temperatures as I cook, as it's easy to overdo it. Heat Distribution Good distribution, but heats too hot when it gets going. Durability Nothing has broken so far. Design Very attractive. Ease of Cleaning Hard to get burned food cleaned up without scouring. Magic eraser only works for me sometimes.


Alexandria, OH


Looks great and works great too!!!


This is something people really appreciate when they come over. It has two small, one medium and one large in total four cooking base. It is ideal for a small to medium family. Once you are done, after they have cooled down just wipe the top with moist cloth and it is clean. I really like it. Temperature Control I have had no issues with it. Heat Distribution Properly and equally distributed Design Works really well for me. Ease of Cleaning I regularly clean with wet napkin and once a week with the cleaner. But at times it may get oil rims on border if you don't clean regularly.




Cooking up unevenly cooked foor


Before I had a glass top stove I thought they were pretty cool, especially the appearance. However since owning one I strongly dislike everything about them except for ease of cleaning. The stove heats irregularly it starts very slow then heats to too hot and will burn the food if I am not right there at every moment. Temperature Control It does not cook evenly. It starts out very low but gets hotter then it should. Heat Distribution The range does heat the entire surface of the burner evenly. Durability I am paranoid that I will place a pot that is too heavy on the range and crack it. But I have not so that that is a plus. Design It is a basic range design. Ease of Cleaning This is the one thing I like about this product. No food can get stuck under a burner. I just grab my magic easaser wet, and scrub clean.


Boynton Beach, FL


Whirlpool in. 4-Burner Induction Cooktop

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