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Top Load Washers
Whirlpool Ultimate Care II Top Load Washer

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Does pretty good.


I have had this washer for about two years now. I got it barely used, and it seems to work good. The only thing I told like about it is it says it's good for extra large loads, but if I end up putting larger loads in it it doesn't seem to get them quite as clean as I would like, and the barrell seems to shake out of place. On regular sized loads it does great, and somewhat large loads it does good too. I love all the options and setting it has. It has an option for just about every kind of load you can put in it. Overall, it has been a good washer for me. Energy Efficiency It seems to be pretty good with being energy efficient. I haven't noticed my bills sky-rocketing since I got it.And since you can set the dial exactly where you need it for the load size, you know it won't end up using a ton of extra water or power. Cleaning Time The cleaning time is pretty quick on it. Even on the super size loads it still doesn't seem to take hardly any time to finish washing. It also has the water/load size setting that will help to know about how long it will end up taking. I normally ahve a lot of laundry to do, and even with my laundry basket overflowing I can get all the laundry done in the same day with time to spare and do other things. Performance It performs pretty well, other than the occasional extra large load that doesn't always get as clean as I would like, and the barrell moving around. It works quite well, and you can set it to do whatever kind of load you want. Ease of Use It is very easy to use. It has a lot of options compared to a lot of other washing machines, but all of the options are self-explanatory. You just turn the knobs to whatever type of load and size you are washing and pull the knob out and you're done. There's not much to it. It's very easy to use. Design The design is pretty basic, except for all the options it has. It is about the same in general as most other washers with a few extras on what options you have on it. Durability This has held up to what seems to be a never ending supply of laundry at my house. The only thing that is a little iffy is the barrell moving around, but even when that's moving around and shimmying it still holds up and continues to wash just fine. I am pretty happy with it.



good washer


This is a effective, quite washer. I use it at my parents's place, it's much quieter than my old ge washer. It washes clothes clean and gets rid of stains effectively. It has all the options I need and cleans great.

Redmond, WA


So far the best washer I've owned!


This review is specifically for a Whirlpool top load washer, model LSQ9549PW6. When my Maytag washer started costing more to fix than to buy new, I went with this Whirlpool washer. Absolutely love this washer! One of my favorite features is the load size settings. There's extra-small to super-plus, and every sized load in-between. Have a load that's bigger than a small load, but a medium would waste water? No problem with this washer! Just set the control to in-between the two load sizes - the water amount will be just right. Another favorite feature for me is the hand wash cycle, something not found on many washers. For performance, this washer has so far been good. Probably not as quiet as it could be, but much more quiet than my previous Maytag, so I'm fine with it. Haven't had many maintenance issues over the years, so that's a plus. It is a machine that, like all machines, will require maintenance over the years.

Indianapolis, IN


Whirlpool Ultimate CAre II- Loudest washing machine ever!


If you like loud, noisy machines this is for you. For the rest of us, pass on this washer. It doesn't handle heavy or large loads well. Usually end up with soap still in the laundry. For large or heavy loads, the machine shakes and clangs, it sounds like someone taking a wrecking ball to a building. The machine starts walking across the floor. It's ridiculous. You can hear the thing two rooms away with the doors closed. If you are wsing a smaller less heavy load, you end up with mangled clothing, knotted and twisted up. I think this machine is the worst that I've ever used. It is a pretty basic model with few settings. Although it indicates it can take a supersize load, you can't even get a queen size comforter in it. I would not wish this machine on anyone. HATE IT! JUNK!

New Town, AA


Whirlpool Ultimate Care II Washer works, but it's not special.


I didn't pick out this washer, it came in our new place after our military move. After using it for 8 months now, I can say that it does clean the clothes, but it's nothing special in terms of features. The drum of this washer is nice and big. I can put tons of clothes, towels or full-size blankets in and they always come out clean. I like the spout in the center of the agitator where I can pour my liquid fabric softener in instead of having to remember when the rinse cycle is. I also like that it's a top loader. I do not like front loaders because you have to bend over to put clothes in and out of the machine, and I've also heard horror stories regarding mold and mildew. Two features on this **Whirlpool Ultimate Care II Top Load Washer** that are nice are *Extra Rinse* and *Cycle Signal*. Cycle Signal will produce a loud noise when the cycle is finished. I use it all the time when washing delicate loads so I can hurry and hang up my gentle clothes before they wrinkle. Extra Rinse is handy for washing cloth diapers and my husband's often filthy Marine Corps uniforms. As for noise, this washer is pretty loud at times. Luckily, I have my washer and dryer in a closed off room from the kitchen, so it's not as loud as it would be if it weren't closed off. I think this **Whirlpool Ultimate Care II LSQ9564J Top Load Washing Machine** is pretty regular/average. It does its job and gets clothes clean, but it really isn't anything special. I would recommend it if you're looking for a basic washer that won't be placed close to a living area.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Does the job after many years


We have had this washer for about six years now. It does a good job washing our clothes and our heavy comforters. I have used front loading washers in the past, but it seems like it never really clean or rinse my clothes well enough. Therefore, my husband and I decided to stick with the upright loading machine and we haven't looked back. I have been able to fill the washer to max with clothes since I don't like to waste water, and it does a good job. No laundry detergent residue on the clothing! It thoroughly cleans our clothes and I have been able to clean clothes that specifically states "Dry Clean Only" with no problems. The only con to this washing machine is it can be pretty noisy even though it states that it is a "Quiet Wash."

Kent, WA


It's great!


It was about time that my parents were going to have to get a washer because the other washer was finally giving up. The other washer ended up dying on us all of a sudden and my dad had to go and get a new one. We ended up getting this washer and then a Kenmore dryer. My mom definitely loves the way that this washer washes our clothing. I don't have any complaints either. I don't recall it doing anything terrible to our clothes. It washes well, and my parents have had this washer for about two months already and actually really like it. My parents and I would definitely recommend buying this washer. I'm just glad that we were able to replace our old washer with one that would do its job right!

Costa Mesa, CA


Whirlpool Ultimate Care II Top Load Washer

3.7 7