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Top Load Washers
Whirlpool Top Load Washer WTW5300VW

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does its job


Our family bought this new when we moved in to our current residence seven years ago. It was bought in conjunction with the same series of whirlpool dryer (that will come in another review). We've been using this whirlpool washer ever since without any major problems. It does gets the job done by cleaning your clothes quickly and efficiently. The major problem with this washer is that when you somehow overloads your washing load (even though you might think you didn't overload), the washer will shake and vibrate and it is very loud from the effects of the shaking and vibrating. It is very annoying knowing you might not have overload your washing load, but the washer thinks you did. Therefore, you have to check the washing load from time to time to see if it vibrates and shake violently, when it does, you have to clear up some of your clothes so it doesn't think it is overloading and shake violently. Other than this major problem, this whirlpool washer does its job. I wouldn't recommend this to people if you can find another washer that does a better job than this washer.


San Gabriel, CA


Not for large loads


We bought this washer in Janurary 2010. We have 4 kids and we needed a washer quickly because ours died suddenly. I like this washer OK, but it does not handle large loads well. And I wash blankets and pillows often so this is a problem. It shakes and moves and the basket has ripped open pillow before. I would only reccomend it for smaller families


Lexington, KY


Whirlpool top-load washer gets the job done


My whirlpool does the job and doesn't let me down. My first one was so dependable so that when I went to replace my dryer I also got a new washer and redid the floor in the laundry room.  The 1st washer had worked tirelessly for 20 years and we decided to replace them both at the same time, otherwise, it may still have been working.  Hat's off to whirlpool for building a quality product!


Minneapolis, MN


Dependable, durable, gets the job done!


When my previous Whirlpool Washing Machine that I had for over 20 years finally conked out after many years of dependable service, I was forced to shop for a new one.  I was concerned because I really do not like the new front loading washers and did not think I would be able to find a top loader that would work as well as my oldie but goodie.  However, I was able to find this new washing machine at HH Gregg and we were able to load it up on my husbands truck and set it up by ourselves.   They say things aren't made as well as they were in the old days but Whirlpools' quality remains.  My new washer cleans just as well as the old model and fits in my very small laundry space!  I love that the middle area has a reservoir for liquid fabric softener and also a side reservoir for Clorox. I am grateful to Whirlpool for continuing to make the top loading washers and I hope I get over 20 years out of my new one so that I am not forced to buy a front loader! This washer is a no-frills, bells and whistles type of machine, but it works hard and gets the job done!  I have always purchased Whirlpool appliances because they are THE BEST!  I have a washer/dryer, refrigerator and dishwasher.


Cincinnati, OH


whirlpool is the best on the market for the price


My cousin and I used to have an appliance repair shop, and we also sold refurbished washers and dryers.  Whirlpool and Maytag are the best on the market, but Whirlpool is much easier and cheaper to repair.  When we picked up old washers and dryers, if it was not Whirlpool or Kenmore (Whirlpool makes Kenmore) we would scrap it and not even try to repair it.  If you are on the market for a dependable washer, get a Whirlpool.  They last a good long time, and when they need repair, it is usually something simple and relatively inexpensive.


Rome, GA


I spend less time doing the laundry


This is the first washer I have ever had that accommodates the size of loads that I have when I do laundry. Instead of laundry being an all day process... I can sit back wait 20 minutes and a load is done. Not only does this machine handle big loads but so far it is the only washer I have ever found that actually gets my clothes clean. My whites stay white instead of turning dingy because they aren't getting clean. My family loves our washer and am very glad I bought it.  It has a cycle for all my clothing needs including the hand-washing materials. You can select from a small load to wash to an over-sized load to wash and either way, your clothes will be clean. It's a quiet machine as well and I have never had any problems with it. Whirlpool deserves a medal of honor for helping the women of America make doing laundry much simpler.


Dardanelle, AR


Whirlpool WTW5300 gets the job done-but noisy while doing it


This washer replaced our old 10 year old washing machine that was no longer working.  You don't know how much you appreciate your machine until it doesn't work!!! This machine is affordable and has a lot of it does get the job done...which is washing clothes  The clothes come out clean....the only problem we have with this machine is that it is very noisy and vibrates a lot.  We have our machine on main floor of house on linoleum floor.  We actually had a service man come out and look at it, as we though it was not functioning correctly.  We were told that all top load machines vibrate and are loud. The Whirlpool brand is ranked high in Consumer Reports and has a lower amount of average repairs needed. IF you are looking for quiet machine, this is not the best choice, but if you are looking for afforable and functional, then choose this machine.  There are also lower end models that perform the same, just have less settings, and tend to be a little more afforable.


Urbana, IL


Whirlpool Top Load Washer WTW5300VW

4.0 7