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Top Load Washers
Whirlpool Top Load Washer

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The people who designed this should be fired, no more whirlpool.


This machine takes forever to get started, after trying to "sense" God knows what..... And clothes do not come out clean. Energy Efficiency Not efficient. Clothes have to be washed 2 times, in order to get them clean. No exaggeration. Cleaning Time Forever. Not only does it take long to start up, it takes forever to run through the cycles. When it says its finished, 50% of the time, you need to run it on drain and rinse again, because the clothes are soaked and heavy. I'm so very disappointed, wish I had repaired my 20 year old washer. Because of this machine, I will never ever purchase any whirlpool appliance. Performance Terrible, it rips clothes, it tangles them, they do not come out clean. Ease of Use Ease of use? Like Any machine, toss in your clothes, add detergent, push a few buttons. Design Terrible design. Don't dare try to throw in a forgotten sock. You have to hit lid unlock, wait About 45 seconds for it to open. Then a few more minutes to start over again. Durability This machine is a piece of crap. Its 6 months old, but I'm going to trash it and buy another manufacturers machine. Anything but a whirlpool.



Whirlpools outlast the rest!


When my sister moved into a new house she gave me her twelve year old Whirlpool washer because she got new appliances for her new house. That was over twelve years ago! I used my hand-me-down Whirlpool top loader until it finally gave out last year. Of course my husband and I went out and replaced the second-hand Whirlpool with a brand new Whirlpool top-loader. When the serviceman came to install my new Whirlpool top loading washer, he commented that he had just replaced a Whirlpool washer that had been in service over twenty years. At this point I told him the history of my old Whirlpool! Whirlpool top loaders are hard to beat, they offer a variety of water levels and water temperatures as well as a variety of wash cycles all controlled by dials that are extremely easy to understand. Each macihne includes bleech and softener dispensers and once the lid is closed there is nothing to do but wait until the clothes are ready to be dried. Whirlpool top-loading washers are quiet when they run and run and run. If my new machine performs well as long as the Whirlpool which my sister used first, I will be in a retirement home and not need another washer!

Macon, GA


Whirlpool Top Load Washer

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