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Whirlpool Super Capacity Washer

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Great washer!


This washing machine really is super capacity! I love being able to wash large loads of clothes at a time and knowing that they will come out clean.  It is so nice to be able to get through the laundry so much faster with this washing machine.  It works very well.  I have used mine for about a year and a half, and it has held up through numerous uses.  I love all the options for rinsing and water temperature.  I have used it for the last 10 months for washing my daughter's cloth diapers.  The diapers always come out clean and fresh smelling.  it is such a breeze to throw her diapers in the maching and turn it on; this washer has made cloth diapering really very easy for our family.  I anticipate that this washing machine will last a long time; it shows no signs of wear even though I use it very frequently.  It has served me very well, and I am very happy overall with this washing machine.

Knoxville, TN




This Whirlpool washer is a brand I trust.  I have been using Whirlpool for the last 25 years.  I would recommend WhIrlpool to friends and family.  When I upgrade, I will choose what else, but Whirlpool.

Durham, NC


Whirlpool Super Capacity Washer

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