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Whirlpool Super Capacity Electric Dryer

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Love this dryer.


I love this dryer. I haven't had any problems out of it at all. It has actually surprised me a few times on how well it dried some really large loads, or several pairs of jeans, that I figured I would have to run through the dryer more than once to get dry. Load Capacity It will really hold a lot more than what you would think it would. I have put large comforters in there with towels and other clothes as well, and it has held it all with no problems. You can fit a lot of clothes in there. Performance It works great. The only time I have ever had to run it more than once for a single load was when I forgot to clean out the lint trap through a few loads. After I cleaned that out is was back to drying like a champ. It dries clothes extremely fast too. It has no problem drying numerous pairs of jeans at once either. I am very impressed with how well this dryer has worked in all aspects. Ease of Use It is very easy to use, and it offers several settings to work for whichever type of load you put in it. You pick which type you want it set on and push the button. There's not much to it. Durability This has been one very strong clothes dryer. I haven't exactly been easy on my any means. I have probably over stuffed it several times, and it still dries everything like it should. It has held up to everything I have put in it without any struggles. Design The design is pretty basic. It is pretty similar to most clothes dryers in general set up and appearence. It has less buttons on it than most others would with as many options it has, which is nice.



Supreme Heavy duty says it all!!!


I recently purchaced the Whirlpool Supreme heavy duty super capacity dryer along with the Whirlpool super capacity washer...I love them both to pieces!!! I can fit so many thing inside and still set it to the eco friendly setting without anything coming out damp! It is just as good if not better than any dryer that I have ever used at the laundromat or that I have ever owned for that matter! Im almost positive that if I were to try I could actually fit inside of this dryer with comfort! LOL, maybe I will make that my alone place when I need to hide from the household! hehe. The price was not high compared to other models that we looked at that were similar, I dont think we could have found another dryer that I would have even been close to as happy with...I love this one!!!

Clio, MI


The Whirlpool Supreme is a good, dependable dryer


Soon after we moved into this house, the clothes dryer that came with it died. We wanted something dependable that would last, and we finally settled on the **Whirlpool Supreme Heavy Duty/Super Capacity **dryer. Nearly fifteen years later, we've never had a problem with it. We didn't have the luxury of shopping around for the brand of the existing clothes washer; the local appliance stores didn't seem to carry it. It was an "extra large capacity" model, so our main requirement was finding a dryer with a large capacity too. We didn't want to split one load of wash into two dryer loads. Our **Whirlpool Supreme** was able to handle each load with room to spare. The **Whirlpool Supreme** is front-loading with the lint filter located on the top of the machine, its obvious presence reminding you to clean the filter. The Automatic Dry-Miser cycle is the dryer cycle we use most often, ending with a Finish Guard (also called Wrinkle Guard on other brands; the machine occasionally spins the drum to keep wrinkles from setting in). It also includes Fluff Air and Timed Drying cycles. Since our dryer is located in the basement, we keep the cycle signal turned on, but you have the option of turning it off. We definitely recommend the **Whirlpool Supreme Heavy Duty/Super Capacity **dryer.

Belle Mead, NJ


Whirlpool Imperial Design Large Capacity is a great value!


This was the best investment I've ever made. I've had it for 18 years, moved it 5 times, and use it for large loads every day. I love the options of fabric care and the level that dries according to the weight of the dried fabric. I would definitely recommend this dryer for everyone!

Louisville, KY


Whirlpool Super Capacity Electric Dryer

5.0 4