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Whirlpool Slide-In Electric Range GY399LXUB GY399LXUQ

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I really love my Whirlpool GY399LXU Electric Range!!!


I bought a home for myself, and my family. It was a beautiful older home. I guess they are called " fixer Uppers". So, I found myself loving my new home after some cleaning, and a lot of "fixing up". Then I realized how lucky i had been to be using the original built in stove. So, suddenly I was in the market for a new stove. I looked at a few, and chose what I knew would be a nice addition to my kitchen. I am so glad I chose the **Whirlpool GY399LXU Electric Range. **It has been the best appliance that I have purchaced in a long time. It cooks so great. It is easy to clean, and it has the new updated settings. So, it is also very easy to clean. I will always love the **Whirlpool GY399LXU Electric Range. **

Indianapolis, IN


Whirlpool Slide-In Electric Range GY399LXUB GY399LXUQ

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