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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator


Whirlpool ED2DHEXWQ 21.7 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Adjustable Opaque Gallon Door Bins, PuR Push Button Filtration System, Adjustable SpillGuard Glass Shelves and Factory Installed Automatic Ice Maker: White-On-White

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Good fridge but low on space.


It's a good refrigerator for small families or single individuals.If you have something wide to put into it, you might be out of luck. Noise Level I don't even notice any noise this refrigerator makes. It's noise has never been significant to me. Interior Organization It has clearly designated spaces for everything. It is very narrow, which gives me trouble wide items. Temperature Control This refrigerator has never given me any trouble temperature wise. My food is always fresh without trouble from this refrigerator. Ease of Cleaning There are a lot of little parts to clean but at the same time, the parts are easily removable so they can be cleaned in the sink. Durability I a certain that this refrigerator will be up and running for years to come. No trouble at all yet. Design There is not a lot of space. It isn't the greatest for large families.The freezer is a good size but the width gives me trouble with large items.I cant chill a large cookie sheet in this freezer.



This is a well designed product.


This fridge is worlds above my old refrigerator, it is definitely a must buy for anyone who needs a new fridge. It is extremely quiet, i can barely hear the thing at all. It has a whole lot of space in it, I can organize extremely well, it is just overall an amazing refrigerator and is the best i have ever owned.



side by side freezer/fridge with ice maker


I find the freezer to be a little to small to use effectively. The fridge is nice and easy to clean, and I can make the fridge and freezer cooler or warmer or maximize energy efficiency. Noise Level If I am in the kitchen I can hear it but in the rest of the house, the sound isn't noticable. Interior Organization The freezer is small, the fridge has a good lay out but some of the things have to be put inside it just so. Temperature Control I like being able to optimize the energy use or change it for special foods. The knobs are really easy to use and understand. Ease of Cleaning The shelves have an antispill lip that prevents messes from spreading. The drawers are easy to take out and wipe up really fast. Durability The drawers are easy to break but the shelves are very sturdy. Design The shelves move and that's a plus but Id prefer a different layout on the freezer side.

Haltom City, TX


Great Fridge - If a little snug!


We've owned this particular refrigerator for about three years now. It has held up very well and we have been quite pleased with it overall. Here's what we've found: PROS - We like that it's side by side We like that it has filtered water and two ice options as well as a child-lock! It performs well and the temp settings are accurate CONS - it goes through water filters like crazy!! We find that the freezer seems very small. Good luck getting a frozen pizza in there! We actually purchased a chest freezer for all the overflow!

Cartersville, GA


Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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