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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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Quirky icemaker


I've purchased Whirlpool products for 30 years, but this item--six months old--is flimsy, missing a shelf in the fridge as well as the freezer (by design), and the icemaker is quirky. I find it completely empty at times with the arm down. I do like the control panel better than my Kitchenaid, and the ice and water dispensers work better. Door handles very cheap-looking for the cost.

Stanford, CA


Whirlpool needs to start making quality products again.


Do not buy this. We have had it for one month. It is already leaking out the back. Apparently, a seal was not working. Now we are awaiting a part for that. It also sprays crushed ice everywhere. Yes, ice all over the floor every single time anyone uses it. Terrible product.

Tallahassee, FL


Great Fridge for the Money!


This refrigerator is a great investment! I really like the side by side design, because the freezer is easily accessible. It has a slide-out freezer drawer in the bottom of the freezer compartment that's great for storing small freezer items that would ordinarily get lost. I also love having ice and water in the door - super convenient. The refrigerator part is good, too, although I do wish I had one large, wide shelf where I could put a large cake, turkey, ham, etc. The glass shelves are easy to clean and super-durable, and the 2 food crispers are see-through which makes it easier to find what you're looking for. One downside: the filters for the ice and water dispenser are super-expensive and need to be replaced frequently.

Knoxville, TN


A great addition to any modern kitchen


We purchased this appliance when remodeling our kitchen to update the appliances to stainless steel . Their are only two bad things I can say about it . One , if you have kids get used to fingerprints . Stainless steel will show up fingerprints really easily . The front is also magnetic , so don't plan on hanging Timmy's artwork on the front . The sides are still magnetic , so if you have access to the sides in your kitchen layout you can still use magnets there . One of my favorite features is the icemaker design . The ice bin is in the door , so you don't lose that valuable space in the freezer . It also has a removeable ice bin which makes dumping ice into a cooler for those camping trips a breeze . The controls are illuminated by a high tech blue backlit display . It has a fast cool feature , which is nice when filling it up with foods that aren't cold . It also has a fast ice feature , which speeds up the production of ice from the icemaker as well .

Xenia, OH


Our refrigerator has a lot of wasted space.


Our greatest dissappointment in this Whirlpool " stainless steel " refrigerator is that the " Stainless Steel " is actually painted plastic !  To our amazement, the paint at the lower corner of the unit is scratching and chipping !  We bought a larger refrigerator than our old one because we wanted more storage space , however , the shelves do not go all the way to the back , reducing the shelf space and also allowing the items to fall down behind the shelves. Not everything is negative, however.  The ice dispenser is on the door, which seems to alow more storage room in the freezer.  This is not all positive, however, because that area is warmer than back in the freezer proper.  This allows the ice to melt and re-freeze into chuncks that then have to be broken up as the ice is discharged.  We do like the unit.  it looks good, if we can keep the paint from getting hit.  That is a little difficult because the refrigerator is in a narrow space right next to the door to the den.   

Columbia, SC


Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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