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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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Love the ice maker on this Whirlpool


These are things we love about this fridge/freezer.. deep drawers are awesome.. for milk, condiments. Easy to clean. Love how you can move the shelves were ever you want them. Downside very small freezer side no large pizza or large anything for that matter you will need a deep freezer!! Luckly we already had one when we bought this. It doesn't frost up much unless you have stuff up by the ice maker like blocking it otherwise it works fine. Water comes out fairly cold from here. If you have pets you will need to clean out the front of the vent in from of the fridge fair often as the fridge does like to take in the hair from them or it. The paint on the fridge does chip easily so be careful of that. We also got a rebate on this as it was a energy efficient fridge.


Superior, WI


Very good refrigerator


Just recently had to purchase a new refrigerator and we spent weeks of research. Everytime we came back to this model and have been glad that we did. The space inside and the space on the doors have been great. Side by side is the only way we believe in going. I love being able to come home and get an ice cold coke to drink. You don't need to look elsewhere because your next refrigerator should be this one.


Auburndale, FL


Whirlpool Fridge not for tight spaces...


This fridge is great if you do not have very many items that will be stored in your freezer section or if you are placing it anywhere where there is not a full 180 degrees availiable to open your doors. I love that it is very easy to clean and that it looks great from the outside, but it does not provide the space that a growing family would need. The shelves are pretty deep but this also makes the frigde large and sure to measure and know that you are going to have plenty of floor space for this fridge. whay I do love love love about the fridge is the ice maker! The ice maker is very efficient and is able to keep up with our pace. We are big lovers of lots of ice in our drinks and with our previous fridge that was a major problem. This Whirlpool fridge has not problem keeping up and is always stocked and ready to go. The storage drawers are great and prodide plenty of space for veggies and fruits, but I guess with many fridges there is only 1 drawer that is supposed to house the 2. i wish they would make a third seperate drawer.  


Bryan, TX


could take it or leave it....


We purchased this fridge in silver tone, on sale at our local hardware store.  The main reason we decided on it was becasue it fit in the space we had available.  I initially like the side by side option untill I got it home and began trying to fill the freezer.  Any large frozen pizza box or entree would not fit.  I moved some shelves around in order to make more space.  That helped a bit but it is so narrow that we still had issues with fitting items into the frezzer and fridge.  Another downfall of the ide by side design is that both doors swing out wide to each side.  If you have minimum space or an ajacent wall near where the door open, this is not very practical.  The performance of the fridge has been great!  No issues at all.  The water filter and ice maker are fabulous and dependable, though the replacement cartidges are a bit pricey.  The draws in the freezer are difficult to pull out due to the mesh metal design. The fridge drawers are a bit difficult to open as well and somewhat cheaply made.  They are a very thin plastic and crack easily.  I do like the depth os the fridge drawers and the many shelves that are ajustable and deep on the inside fridge door.


Hobe Sound, FL


Whirlpool provides a quality product. I am very satisfied.


I have owned and purchased Maytag and Whirlpool products my whole life due to the fact that my father and brother have worked for Maytag which was bought out by Whirlpool and I would not even consider purchasing another product on the market. Customer service is excellent and I know alot of the employees and they take alot of pride in the fact that they work for the company and the fact that the company has such stringent Quality Guidelines on their products. There is no comprimise in the quality of these products. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE PRODUCTS!


Athens, TN


Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator

3.8 5