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Whirlpool Refrigerator ET14JKXM

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Decent Fridge with some space issues


This fridge is large enough for most people and can accommodate a medium size family; however, it leaves a few things to be desired. The freezer is on the top which is the more classic style but unlike the bottom-freezer models this one will let all of the cold air out when you open the door. Good news here is that there won't be a lot of air to fall out since it fills up very quickly. You can get some good storage capacity out of the freezer compartment but you need to be creative. The freezer only comes with a small wire rack that is about 5 inches tall and 8 inches wide so it isn't much help in the department but does allow a safe space to keep your ice cube trays. That is particularly important her since the pockets in the door are just too small for a tray or ice. They also have low rails so an item that is taller or top-heavy is liable to fall out if not carefully placed. As for the fridge compartment the door is deep enough for eggs, butter, some bottles of salad dressing and a few condiments, but no designated space for your gallon of milk. Personally I prefer to keep my milk on the inner shelf since it is subject to less temperature fluctuations and helps keep it from spoiling, but for those of you who like the milk in the door it can't help you. There are 3 shelved in the main compartment, the bottom of which is glass and sits just above the 1 large crisper drawer that requires the door to be wide open in order to access. The other two shelves are wire and can be adjusted to any 2 of the less than convenient 5 options. You can choose which shelf you would like to be awkwardly short, so that is nice, but again the door must be fully open in order to move the shelves (something which is impossible in my kitchen since the fridge is against a wall). The wire racks are super easy to clean though (if i could get them out I'm sure it would be even easier). Overall there is enough space in the unit for all of your food, you just need to be pretty creative to get it all in, and not mind having to dig when you need something. Temperature Control No complaints here Design Nothing much to look ay, just simple standard white


Philadelphia, PA


Whirlpool Refrigerator ET14JKXM

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