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Whirlpool MT1100SHQ Microwave Oven

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Almost too powerful


This is a very high-powered microwave- and has lasted me through 7 moves, two hurricanes and two kids. I love that I have not had to keep getting adjusted to a new microwave over the last 12 years- I've had the same one. It did take some getting used to, however- even the recommended settings for certain foods will burn them. For example, cooking popcorn is always an experiment in timing when we change brands of microwave popcorn- and the popcorn setting is never correct for the brands we've eaten over the last 12 years. There is either too many kernels left, or we end up with a bunch of burnt popcorn. Defrosting is another issue I have with this oven. However, I have learned to cut at least a minute off the suggested time for cooking and this seems to work very well with everything, from frozen dinners to steaming veggies. I have used this microwave for all kinds of cooking, and I have yet to be disappointed with the results I get unless I'm not paying attention to timing. It is not a microwave that I can leave unattended and go about my business in the kitchen with, but it does work very well and has for years. For longevity, I have to give it 5 stars, but too many burnt dishes bring it down to 4.


Westwego, LA


Whirlpool MT1100SHQ Microwave Oven

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