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Whirlpool Heat/Cool 26,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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Whirlpool Heat/Cool Air Conditioner Keeps My Home Comfortable


The new home we purchased a couple of months ago does not have central air or heat.  Instead it has a couple of **Whirlpool Heat/Cool Air Conditioners** that provide the main source of air conditioning and heat in the most frequently used rooms.  We have to rely on portable heating units for the rooms that do not have the **Whirlpool **units.  The **Whirlpool Heat/Cool Air Conditioners** seem to do the trick if you are in one of the "lucky" rooms. **Whirlpool Heat/Cool Air Conditioner** The **Whirlpool** units that we have are 26000 BTU's.  This size unit is designed to cool and/or heat several rooms.  However, when you have tall ceilings like we do in this older home, the units are not as effective as they should be in covering multiple rooms.  **Controls** There are two basic controls on the **Whirlpool Heat/Cool Air Conditioner**.  One control is for the fan motor.  It can be set to Fan Only, Low Cool, High Cool, Power Saver, Turbo Cool, Low Heat or Turbo Heat.  The other control is to control the thermostat and to set the unit to a temperature to make the room comfortable.  This control has two sides, one for cooling and one for heating.  The controls are numbered one through 7, with number 7 being your coolest or warmest setting. **Performance** The **Whirlpool 26000 BTU Heat/Cool Air Conditioner** works very well in the rooms where they are installed.  One unit is in our bedroom and the air conditioning will freeze you out at night.  We have just started to use the heat setting in the last two weeks.  The heat function works quickly and puts out a lot of warm air.  A single room will warm up quickly.  If the unit is left on constantly, I find that the air becomes too stuffy and too dry.  I probably would have placed these units differently if we were installing them, but that is water under the bridge now.   For instance, the unit in the dining room is a bit much for that room and would have been better placed in the den.  Normally this unit would be optimal in a large den or adjoining rooms.  With our high ceilings (12 ft.), the units don't go much farther than the one room.  However, placement of the units is partially to blame for this too. **Recommendation** I have no complaints about the **Whirlpool Heat/Cool Air Conditioners** at this time.  We have used the AC for two months and the Heat on and off for the last month.  Both functions work properly and do the job they are supposed to do.  If you have a home without central air and/or heat, the **Whirlpool Heat/Cool Air Conditioners** are a good option.  They can also be placed in rooms that have been added on in remodeling a home.  Thumbs up for the **Whirlpool Heat/Cool Air Conditioner.** *Note:  I have looked all over this unit and inside for a model number and do not see one.  I'll look on the outside of the unit when the weather warms up (smile) and add the info if found.*

Greenwell Springs, LA


Whirlpool Heat/Cool 26,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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