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Top-Freezer Refrigerators
Whirlpool Gold Top-Freezer Refrigerator

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Simple design


I bought the whirlpool Gold Top Freezer Refrigerator over 10 years ago for my new house and it is still working! Even though there are signs of rust on the front door the refrigerator still operates smoothly. Not once did it ever break down. In terms of quality I always buy Whirlpool appliances because they last long and they are very durable. The price was affordable since my husband and I bought the refrigerator at a warehouse store called J J's. The storage bins for produce and other types of foods like cheese and flour are clear so that you can see what is stored inside of the bins. The design is simple and the shelves are also clear so that you can see what types of food are on each shelf. The freezer holds enough food for a small family. There is enough space on the freezer door to store hotdogs and frozen bags of vegetables. I would recommend this refrigerator for a small family that wants a refrigerator with no frills.

Honolulu, HI


This Whirlpool Gold refrigerator is a good buy!


My husband and I purchased this refrigerator last year when we remodeled our kitchen. We bought the entire set of Whirlpool stainless steel appliances and they look great in our kitchen. We actually based our entire purchase around this Whirlpool Gold refrigerator. We needed a refrigerator that was wide, but not too tall. This refrigerator had the perfect measurements to just slide into the spot in our kitchen under the cabinets. There is a lot of space in the refrigerator part and I love how the drawers slide out and are clear so that you can see what foods are in each compartment. The shelves are also really easy to clean. I wish the freezer were a little bigger. It seems to get full after only one shopping trip. However, I would still recommend this refrigerator.

Maumee, OH


This Whirlpool Refrigerator solved our space problem.


We bought this refrigerator both as a second unit and to fit the spot where the refrigerator is *supposed* to go in our older home. (our other, larger unit sat out in the way in the kitchen). The things I really like about this Whirlpool are the amount of internal space for the area the unit takes up. I like the inset handles, in fact, this was a huge selling point for us; regular handles would have hit our back door and not allowed the door to upon fully. The shelves are spillproof, which is great, and you get a lot of drawer space. The icemaker works very well and quickly. Unfortunately, the down side is that the freezer has to be defrosted/de-iced WAY too often. No matter how careful we are not to overfill the freezer, the shoot sending cool air down ices over and then the refrigerator portion doesn't stay cool enough; this is a major hassle. I'm also not a fan of the internal water dispenser. It's too easy for a mess to be made and you have to stand there with the refrigerator door open; not a great way to keep things cool. While I would shop Whirlpool again, I wouldn't recommend this specific unit.

San Diego, CA


Great fridge, lots of room! Love the water dispenser.


We have been very impressed with the Whirlpool Gold GR2FHTXVS fridge.  I love the flexibility of the shelves.  The vegetable and fruit drawers have plenty of storage space.  The storage in the door is great, I can fit two gallons of milk on one shelf, with three kids that's a major plus.  The light in the fridge is a little bright for my taste, especially in the middle of the night for those "Mommy I need a drink" runs.  The water filter is very easy to access, I haven't had to change it yet but I anticipate no problems.  The freezer is very large also.  I can fit lots of things in the doors there too.  The ice maker works really fast, it is a little noisy when it's filling up the tray, but that only lasts for a minute.  We got the stainless steel finish and it probably wasn't the best choice for us.  It shows fingerprints like crazy and already has a few scuffs.  At least I'm sure my fridge is clean, though, I  wipe it off 3-4 times a day!  Overall a great fridge, but if you have kids, reconsider the stainless!

Athens, OH


Whirlpool Gold Top-Freezer Refrigerator

4.3 4