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Whirlpool Gold Pint Dehumidifer

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Poor Quality -- Whirlpool no longer manufactures dehumidifiers


Since 2003, our last 3 Whirlpool Dehumidifiers have each lasted less than 2 years -- the sealed freon system ultimately leaks resulting in frost-up of the unit thus requiring replacement.  Whirpool did honor their 5 yr warranty and replaced the first 2 units -- on the 3rd, they refunded our money and said they were no longer in the Dehumidifier business.  Warranty claims take time and thus we had no use of the dehumidifiers for months. Overall we like Whirlpool as a company -- but recommend caution in purchasing any of their remaining old stock dehumidifiers.


Cincinnati, OH


Dries thick carpet in just hours!


For the type of product this was it really did the job. When I first had my child I steam cleaned constantly especially if the puppy had an 'accident'. We bought a Whirlpool dehumidifier which worked wonders. Generally, if it was summertime we would turn the a/c down to help because Florida is hot and very humid. A 5 hour job here for the dehumidifier may only be half the time in a dryer region. I loved to take it in the garage when I worked out because it would eliminate that extra heaviness in the air that Florida tends to have and make my breathing and workout go a little smoother. My favorite thing about the Whirlpool dehumidifier is that I could wash shoes and dry them in front of the dehumidifier, which eliminates the wear a dryer can cause. Same goes for my delicate clothing items: I could hang my shirts, pants, and undergarments and place the dehumidifier closely and they would be dry in just hours or less! For people who will actuallly use this idea, using a fan speeds up the process and helps smooth out the wrinkles! There is a red light to alert you when the water container is full and multiple settings. There are wheels on the bottom for easy mobility, as well. I do have to say that older products tend to have a longer lifespan than the newer, especially appliances; however, they also used alot more energy and can be inconvenient due to size, shape, cord length, etc. I say this because we borrowed an old one (about 30 years old) from my mother-in-law that worked wonders and had a huge water container! However it was not energy effiecient at all; the cord was too short and it was big, ugly, and hard to move. So I still prefer the Whirlpool!


Panama City Beach, FL


Whirlpool Gold is a great dehumidifier


We have two Whirlpool Gold Dehumidifiers and we use them for the entire house.  They are especially useful in our hot, humid, S.C. summers.  My husband has breathing problems and the dehumidifiers help keep the humidity at a level that makes it easy for him to breath.  We would not be without them and really hate to travel and visit where people do not control their humidity.  The filters are easy to clean, the machines are easy to empty and the controls are easy to operate.  This dehumidifier is an asset to the comfort of our home.   


Bethune, SC


Whirlpool Gold Pint Dehumidifer

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