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Whirlpool Gold Built-in Dishwasher

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Great dishwasher


Everything about this dishwasher is great. I love the space saving utensil compartment on the door, makes more space for bigger items in the rest of the washer. The clip compartments on the top rack for bigger utensils and lids is also a great feature. We use this dishwasher a lot and it has served us well. It is very quiet and having a household of a lot of children anything that is quiet is well accepted. I have started noticing that the button pad on the front is starting to crack, but I am sure it is just from 5 years of regular use. I also like having the lock feature on the touch pad so little fingers can't turn it off.

Round Lake, IL


Whirlpool Gold 24"Built-in Dishwasher GU2700


The Whirlpool Gold 24" built in dishwasher is great. It really is very quiet, my sister even made a comment on how quiet it is. It is a very good size. I like that the utensil holder is on the door, so it does not take up space inside the dishwasher. The shelves are adjustable too, so if you have taller pots you can fit them in. I also like the cup shelf on this model. You can definitely fit a lot more dishes in it. The rinse only button is a money saver, especially for during the week when it is just me and my husband eating dinner. I rinse off the dishes and run the dishwasher when it is full. The rinse only option is great for this. Like I said before, it is truly a quiet dishwasher and a great size for a large family.

Staten Island, NY


Whirlpool Gold Quiet IV Piece of SHtuff not worth nothin


Absoulutly Terrible! My Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner IV GU2700xts looks real pretty but the dishes come out dirtier than when they went in. We have had this darn thing apart so many times. We lug it up onto the counter and take it apart, (husband is quite the handyman) We clean out the little compartment where it grinds the food. Then it works ok for a couple of weeks on the longest 2hour cycle. Then sure enough the top dishes stop getting clean, so I move everything down to the bottom rack only. I fear telling my husband it's broken again. We had 19 family members visit for over a week this summer and we just used it to set the dishes to dry in after we washed by hand. Thats about all its worth. I would not buy this one!

Spanaway, WA


Whirlpool Gold Built-in Dishwasher

3.7 3