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Whirlpool Gas Cooktop

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I love my Whirlpool Cleantop Gas Cooktop!


When I married my husband seven years ago, I had not ever cooked using a gas cooktop so I was skeptical upon using his Whirlpool gas cooktop. It took a little while to get used to it, but after a short while, I was hooked. I now love my Whirlpool Cleantop gas cooktop. It has come in handy more than a few times during bad weather and when our electricity was out. During Hurricane Katrina, we were without electricity for two weeks but with our gas cooktop and outside grill, we were able to keep things cooked for meals. I also like the fact that when you turn on the gas grill, it is immediately hot and doesn't take nearly as long to warm up the eye as the electric cook tops. It also cools off a lot quicker when you turn off the gas eyes. I always said I would never want a gas cooktop but when we decide to upgrade our kitchen over the next couple of years, I will definitely be looking for another Whirlpool gas cook top.

Silver Creek, MS


Whirlpool Gas Cooktop

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