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Whirlpool Gas Cooktop

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Satisfied, But Won't Buy Exact Model Again


This cooktop is durable and it's lasted a long time, but my struggles with it, and I'm sure it would be the same with many different models of many different brands, is that when you overflow something boiling or food falls down into the crannies it can be so hard to get it truly clean again. We've taken it apart several times to clean it, and sometimes that jeopardizes keeping the gas flow clear-food or water gets in somewhere and then it doesn't light. My advice if you are buying a cooktop for the first time is to make sure you consider scenarios like this when you are at a retailer. Literally take it apart in the store and imaging getting it clean, or if soap products or food are easily going to clog the gas line. Whirlpool is a good brand and there may be better models than this one. It seems most brands have these same issues, but I'll investigate more when its time to buy another one. Temperature Control Could be better-hard to get low temps without light going out Heat Distribution Temp is hard to regulate but I work with it Durability Had a long time Design I like it, but can be hard to clean Ease of Cleaning Perhaps I am messy but I struggle to get the nooks and crannies clean!

Fairfield, VA


Poweful and attractive cooktop


Our old electric cooktop was on its way out, so we decided to upgrade to gas. I did a LOT of research looking for a cooktop that was powerful and had the features we wanted without being outrageous expensive. This Whirlpool fit our needs perfectly. The grates are cast iron, which I prefer as they don't get nicked up like the enameled ones. The burners heat up very quickly, and they seem to regulate their temperature well. I appreciate that there are two hot burners too, as those are the ones I use most frequently. The enclosed burners are also lovely. Last time I had a gas stove the burners were open and leaks got in there often! My one complaint is that the knobs aren't in the best place. If you have a large pot they can sometimes get a little too close to the knobs. But we just try to be strategic in placing our pots so as to minimize that issue. Otherwise, great cooktop!

Evanston, IL


Whirlpool Gas Cooktop

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