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Whirlpool GHW9200L Front Load Washer

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Great Time-Saver


We purchased this because we have a septic system and needed to use less water. We have 5 children and do a lot of laundry. The washer holds at least 1.5 to 2.0 times as much as my super capacity top load. However, if you wash too many clothes at once, when they come out of the dryer they will be more wrinkled than they should be. Cleaning Time For the amount of clothes you can wash at one time, I am very satisfied with the cycle length. Performance I never thought using less water would get my family's clothes clean but somehow it works. The best part of using a HE washer is that it spins so fast to get out almost all of the water after the final rinse. So when you remove the clothes from the washer they aren't stuck to the side like on a top-loader. That is why the clothes dry faster with HE washers and dryers. Ease of Use Easy to choose a setting, adjust the water temperature, add extra rinse or extra wash time. Design There is apparently a design flaw with most if not all HE washers where water stays in the bottom and will mildew if you don't keep the door open. I always leave the door slightly ajar and I have never had this problem. Also, the gasket sometimes hides a sock or two. Durability After the warranty ran out, one day our drum just broke off and fell down into the washer. This is not an uncommon problem so I contacted Whirlpool and they provided a replacement drum free of charge and I just paid for the labor to install it. Also, the electronic panel went out and had to be replaced.



Whirlpool GHW9200L Front Load Washer

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