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Whirlpool G7CE3055XS Cooktop

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Love it! This is my favorite kitchen appliance.


They only complaint I have is if you have all burners going the handles to the pots tend to get hot, because they kinda overlap the larger burners. This cooktop is Eco friendly. One feature I am impressed with is the knobs are dishwasher safe, so when you have raw meat or chicken on your hands and you touch the knobs just throw them in the dishwasher good as new and sanitized. Temperature Control I went from a gas stove to this, everyone told me I would regret getting rid of my gas stove. The only time I regret it is when the power goes out! Thankfully that does not happen too often. Durability Very durable and extremely easy to clean and keep clean. Ease of Cleaning The easiest way to clean this stove is to use the cream cooktop cleaner. The spray dies not work as well. I like to use a paper towel and rub off all the spills and then get another paper towel to polish. Looks brand new!

Decatur, TX


Whirlpool G7CE3055XS Cooktop

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