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Front Load Washers
Whirlpool Front Load Washer

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I hate my WHIRPOOL front load washer!


We have had repairs on our washer since the second week we've owned them. We have had several repairs on the washer in the 1 and a half years we have had them. The quality is very poor. The clothes tangle very easily. Sometimes the clothes do not smell clean.

Ossian, IN


high quality, versatile washing machine


I really like this washing machine. When I was shopping for washing machines I really wanted one with a large capacity. I have three kids, and spend more than enough time doing laundry without washing more loads than is truly necessary. The drum of this washer is huge - you can even fit a washable duvet in it! It has a range of settings, including a sanitize setting - which is hugely important to me since I have my kids in cloth diapers and love having this way of truly cleaning them. The sanitize setting is also great for keeping towels and washcloths from smelling musty. Front loaders can get moldy, so another feature of this washing machine that I like is that it has a self-cleaning setting. You just pour in some bleach and it washes itself! The machine itself also looks attractive, and it is fairly quiet while spinning out laundry. I would recommend this washing machine to anyone looking for a high-quality machine!

Chelmsford, MA


Love It!


I absolutely love this washer (and dryer)!  We purchased the set and the matching pedestals, and have absolutely no regrets!   My favorite thing about this washing machine is the sanitary cycle.  I have always struggled with wanting to be environmentally friendly, and still using paper towels.  I now can use this washing machine's sanitary cycle to wash my cleaning towels, napkins, and mop heads and have now done away with paper towels forever!  I just let them pile up until I have a big stack, then wash them.   I also like using the whitest whites cycle.  I love having pure white towels and bath mats.  This cycle helps keep them clean and bright. I have not used a HE cleaning tablet once yet.  I just never leave a load in overnight, and I leave the washer door cracked open when not in use. I can honestly say that I have no complaints about this washing machine, or the matching dryer.  Even the matching pedestals are great.  They are nice and deep, and hold my overflow of cleaning towels, mentioned above.  

Edmond, OK


Whirlpool Duet Washer WFW9200SQ00 stinks.


I have had this washer for 2 years and already had to have 1 service call during the first year.  Now the darn thing won't even turn on.  I thought that i would love this machine - unfortunately, i have been disappointed since day 1.  Cycles are way too long and if you decide to use the shorter cycles, the clothes are sopping wet.  Even if you do extra spin cycles.  Another problem is clothes getting tangled together - it has taken me hours to get some of them untangled!  

Little Rock, AR


Broke after 3 weeks


This Whirlpool Duet WFW9200SQ would not power on after just 3 weeks.  The power was to it because the door light would come on and lock, but nothing else would come on.  I exchanged it for a Whirlpool WTW6700TW which is a top loader because I kind of questioned the cleaning of the front loader and I'm glad I did.  The Duet front loader worked okay for normal cleaning while it was working, and I was pretty happy with it, but the top loader, which is the new 4.6 capacity with the same spin and water saver features, seems to clean my comforters and such better.  Maybe I got a dud, would not surprise me since I always seem to, and luckily if it was going to break it broke within the first 30 days so that I could return it.  The other thing about the Duet front loader I didn't like was that I did not have the option to use the cold tap water, it would only use cold water they make sure is heated to 60 degrees, so that to me seemed like it was not energy consious and I also like to have some of my colors in really cold water.  I use liquid soap so that doesn't bother me and it desolves fine.  So in the end, this was a okay washer, but for the same money I like the one I exchanged for better, so I guess I'm glad it broke.

Houston, TX


Used my old one for 22 years


The first thing my husband and I bought when we married over 22 years ago was a Kenmore washer and dryer.  I never had a moment's problem out of either one UNTIL my son tried to wash about 12 pairs on pants and burned the motor up...literally!  The machine was smoking! But this is supposed to be about the new washer.  It has 5 water levels, 4 temperature settings and a 2nd rinse cycle.  In all, it is perfect for my family of 4 and I only hope I get 22 years of service from it!   

Mooresboro, NC


Whirlpool Front Load Washer

3.3 6