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French Door Refrigerators
Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator

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Nice fridge!


After having a side by side fridge for years and years and battling getting pizza boxes into the freezer its nice to just open the drawer and put them in. Its also nice opening the freezer up and not have things fall out on your feet. It was always tricky to get everything to fit just right in the side by side freezer.



Love the Whirlpool Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator!


I've had this refrigerator for about 3 months and I love it.  It's very roomy and energy efficient.  I particuarly like the freezer on the bottom, which stores loads of frozen foods.  I prefer this type over a side-by-side refrigerator as there is more room on both sides of the interior for storing.  There are storage bins on each side of the doors, too.  There are clear plastic drawers for keeping vegetables, cold cuts, etc. and thiere is a pull-out drawer in the freezer section.    The shelves are interchangeable for height adjustment and they pull out for easy cleaning.  It's quiet when running.  This was a great investment and reasonably priced.

Clifton, NJ


Whirlpool Latitude Refrigerator A Good Choice


After 14 years, the side by side refrigerator freezer just had to be replaced.  After a bit of research, I chose the Whirlpool Latitude Refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom and french doors on the top.  There is a built in ice maker inside the left door and filtered water/ice dispenser on the outside of the left door. The layout is much better than the side by side, but it takes some changing around of the shelving to get the inside refrigerator layout how you need it to be. Key for me was the energy efficiency and the filtered water feature.   I can also attest that vegetables and fruit last weeks longer than in the bins of my other appliance. The outside touch panel works well, however, it takes some time to get to the right place to make a change.  The freezer on the bottom is highly recommended, however, still would recommend you consider one big bin, versus the baskets.  I still couldn't get a large turkey in there. Overall, happy with the purchase but may consider a different layout for the next one.

Buffalo Grove, IL


Whirlpool gold fridges are too noisy for the price.


We just purchased a whirlpool gold french door stainless fridge. It makes a loud high pitched whistling noise all day. The repairman that whirlpool sent to our home said that it was a normal noise for a this fridge and that there was no way to make it stop. I expected the gold series to be quieter and less annoying to listen to.

Malad City, ID


I love the space!


I purchased my Latitude refrigerator in February 2010. I absolutely love it. I have four children, and the added space is a god send. The drawer is very nicely designed and rolls nicely. The Satina finish is very easy to maintain, and with children is a must. The icemaker in the door is very nicely designed, and allow for removal to fill buckets or ice chests. The digital touch screen on the front of the refrigerator is so much easier to figure out and use that the typical push button on most refrigerators with a built in ice maker.The water fill feature is a nice option. It allows you to choose the exact amount of water that you want to add to your container. It measures in ounces, cups, or liters. This is very helpful when cooking, or filling up a water bottler to its exact measured level. I would purchase this refrigerator again in a heartbeat. It is the perfect refrigerator for a large family.  

Lakewood, OH


Not as Good as We Thought It Would Be.


We purchased this Fridge several weeks ago, and have now had it installed for about 3 weeks.  I loke the features that it has, and the room.  The large bottom tray drawer is great.  There are several features about this fridge that makes me want to second think this purchase.  It creates quite a bit of condensation along the edges of the unit, the ice maker container is rather small, and it will make sounds as if the water is running when in fact it isn't.  I don't think I would reccomend this product to another person who is looking for a fridge.  The price we paid for it was good, but now I am thinking you get what you pay for.  I was told by a saleman that Kitchen Aid is made by Whirlpool, and is actually a higher end model.  I have other new appliances in my kitchen that are Whirlpool Gold, and I think those are far more better than this fridge.  I will be calling for a tech to come out and check why it's creating this much condensation this week.  Although the front panel is a great feature with it's measure converter, and substitutions list are great,  I am wishing that I had done more reading before I made this purchase.

WarwickWarwick, RI


Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator

3.8 6