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Whirlpool Freestanding Electric Range WFE366LVS / WFE366LVB / WFE366LVQ / WFE366LVT

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I hate this cook top stove!


It is very hard to keep clean. Inside and out. The stainless steel is always dirty and a pain to keep clean. I definitely would rather have white I could keep it clean easier. Temperature Control It works great as far as cooking, I have no complaints there. Heat Distribution It always worked good as far as heating. Durability The bottom door never closes all the way. The piece that holds the drawer in and makes it slide always comes loose and one broke they are made of plastic so my drawer always closes crooked. Design It looks nice that is part of the reason I bought it. Ease of Cleaning It is self cleaning on the inside but out side is awful to keep clean. The stainless steel is always dirty and smudged and you have to use special cleaner to keep it nice which by the way gets very expensive to buy. The top is awful to clean if you boil something over you have to let it cool down then clean it. By then it is burnt on and then very hard to get off. The oven door does not come off so it is very hard to get into the oven to clean it.



Good Range


This range is a pretty basic range but seems very solid in build and durability. It bakes cookies and other similar foods very quickly and we have had trouble figuring out the best way to know how things are done and not over done. The smooth top is very easy to clean. Having stainless means cleaning it often to keep it looking its best. Temperature Control It has been very hard to get the temperature figured out when baking cookies and other similar foods. We always seem to over cook even though we are setting the timer for less than the package says. Heat Distribution Items are cooked very evenly. Durability This range is very solid and will last for awhile I think. Ease of Cleaning The smooth top is easy to clean but it is a challenge to keep the front and other stainless parts of the range looking good and clean. You just have to stay on top of it.

Lincoln, DE


Oven looks spectacular and cooks well!


I like this range oven. I have had it for about 3 years now, and it works great! While I wish it wouldn't take so long to preheat, it does have some pretty neat features. You can time the oven to go on at a certain time, which is a nice way to cook things when you aren't home yet. The glass top is very pretty, but can get stained easily. You must clean this daily or after each use to keep it looking like new. I like the design of the oven. It matches my other appliances and was a great value for the price. However, the heat is distributed evenly, and food cooks inside the oven with no problems. The cook top also has a warmer round, which is nice!

Omaha, NE


Looks nice and reliable


This oven "came with the house" when it was built so I didn't choose it. That was in 2004, so it's almost 9 years old now. It gets used frequently and has never needed service. The oven cooks well and the burners have their electric elements under the glass surface. The stainless steel finish makes it look nice and shines when it's cleaned. Temperature Control Electrics will never give you the control like gas but this does pretty decent job of controlling temperatures Durability No problems for almost a decade Ease of Cleaning Very simple to clean, especially the cook top. There are no old school burners to lift up and clean. You simply use some all purpose cleaner and wipe it off.

Hollywood, FL


I really like this stove!


We bought all new appliances at the same time for our kitchen remodel. This is about the only appliance that we bought from the Whirlpool Gold series that I like. When we first bought it, however, we had to have it serviced because it had not been set up properly. Don't know why this happened and the service man couldn't tell me why either. I love this stove because it is so easy to clean. It has a self cleaning mode on it and is great to use. Also the ceramic top is so very easy to clean and doesn't scratch. My sons even clean it for me and they can be kind of rough sometimes. I love the convection part of the oven. I have never had it before and it bakes so much better than just using the plain oven. My cakes actually come out nice now. My favorite part of the stove is the rapid heat feature. I always use it. You can rapidly heat up your oven and it gets to the tempurature twice as fast. This is a great feature for me because I have 4 children and am always cooking something and I need to cook it fast. The only thing that I don't like about my stove is that the elements on top of the stove seem to go hot and then off and hot and then off. My husband says that this is supposed to be this way but I don't like it. I would like to see the red continually but it doesn't do that. Not sure why but it doesn't. Also, the only other drawback of this stove, and this is probably with any stove, is that it is hard to get the door clean because of the 2 paine glass. My husband had to take it apart to clean it and it still looks smokey. I can't get it to be clean and clear. I guess this is just something I am going to have to live with. Otherwise this is a great stove. You will enjoy it and it was worth the money. Temperature Control Don't like how the stove goes intermitent with the elements but love the range rapid heat. Heat Distribution I love the convection oven feature. Cooks so good. Durability Stove top doesn't scratch. Good and strong. Design Love the look. Just hard to clean the stainless steel. Ease of Cleaning Two self cleaning modes. LOve the self cleaning. Do it about once a month.

Smithfield, VA


Whirlpool Freestanding Electric Range WFE366LVS / WFE366LVB / WFE366LVQ / WFE366LVT

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