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Whirlpool Freestanding Electric Range

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Electric Range or a Glorified Toaster Oven?


Whirlpool Model RF114PXS is a very simple electric range designed for those who don't want anything special with their range aside from a timer. This budget priced stove is manufactured to appeal to people without a large appliance spending budget and/or to those who have little interest in cooking and simply want a way to heat food and prepare it for eating. This Whirlpool range does offer a digital display and this is one of the few signs of modern technology on this appliance. The small digital panel offers just enough space to show the four digits necessary to display the time of day with a small sliver of space in the middle for a colon. The panel is large enough to see at a distance of about 15 feet. Beyond that, and it starts to get a little fuzzy. It also offers a timer, to take the guesswork out of cooking. The range beeps multiple times when the timer reaches zero. This range offers a double coil baking system inside the oven and this is where Whirlpool showcases its "Balanced Bake System"- a cooking system that utilizes the upper and lower heating coils inside the oven for even baking results. This feature does seem to get food cooked more evenly, but one potential problem is with the placement of the oven racks. You have to be careful when you place a rack in the top two positions (there are a total of five) because there is a chance the food will burn. I learned this the hard way when I was cooking a pie. I didn't use the top position- I used the second position from the top. But this was still too close to the coil and the top crust of the pie came out burned.  The control panel for this range is also a little too simple to be taken seriously, and that pretty much sums up the Whirlpool RF114PXS Electric Range: Simplicity. The timer and the clock display are the only extra features you get with this range. There is no self- cleaning feature. There is no extra- large burner. It is basically a way to heat up food and nothing more; making it a good choice for college students but a poor choice for families or individuals who are more advanced in their cooking skills.  


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Whirlpool Freestanding Electric Range

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