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Whirlpool Freestanding Electric Range

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Its ok for Whirlpool name


It is hard to clean the ceramic top. It takes a while to get water to boil. The oven is also hard to clean and very stinky once it does clean/self clean on oven button. Digital buttons are nice but easy to shut off too easy I have shut off oven when I hit the timer off by accident and wondered why the food wasn't done yet. Very disappointed in this brand. The burners sometimes want to keep cooking when they are shut off as well like they are stuck on too. And sometimes the low-med is really med-high. This had a rebate with it so we wanted applicaces to match.

Superior, WI


Great value for the price!


This oven looks great in my home.  I love the design of the door.  It is thick in the middle to provide the energy star level of insulation, but the edges are made to be slim so it appears sleek and modern.  The cook top is relatively easy to clean, as far as cooktops go.  I have beaten on it quite a bit as I am an avid cook, and so far it has shown no signs of wear.  I love the front left dual burner.  It has a small burner inside of a large burner and the inner burner is a power burner that boils water very quickly.  It seems to preheat a little slow, but I haven't found an electric oven that doesn't.  I love the "warm" function on the oven.  I use it frequently when making breakfast. I cook the bacon and/or sausage first and toss them in a glass pan and hit warm and they are still the perfect temperature when I am finished making the pancakes or what have you.  The warm function also works on a timer and shuts off after an hour, which is wonderful for me because I ALWAYS forget to shut it off.  The only complaint I have is that if you open the pan drawer by sliding your hand in and pulling on the lip instead of using the handle, you can cut yourself.

Cambridge, MN


Whirlpool Freestanding Electric Range

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