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Whirlpool Freestanding Electric Range

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Looks good!


This is a really nice looking range to spruce up a kitchen.  I replaced my white GE appliances for stainless steel whirlpool appliances and absolutly love the appearance.  The stove works very well.  I would recommend Ceramabrite to gently clean it.  It needs to be cleaned after each use so that food does not get baked onto the surface.  Handle this and any smooth stove top with care.  As long as you take care of it, you will love the appearance too.  The oven is fine, but I wish that it would preheat a little more quickly.  Sometimes it takes over 20 minutes to preheat, which seems a bit long to me.  Otherwise, it works well and I have not had any problems with the stove or oven.  The stove settings are easy to use and offer several options.  The large window into the oven is very nice!  You can just turn on the light and watch your food bake.  The drawer at the bottom provides ample space to store cookie sheets and such.

Baltimore, MD


It boils, broils and bakes; must be a Whirlpool electric range!


The eco-friendly Schott Ceran CleanTop ceramic glass cook top cooking system on this electric range excited me, until I used it. There are two six inch burners and two six/eight inch burners with two dials so you can choose to use it to heat as a six or eight inch burner (this feature works well and is my favorite). In theory, the smooth top is supposed to be designed for easy cleanup; however I discovered I must use special cleaners or pads to cleanse it. The top has not gotten scratched, yet it gets pan smudges which are time consuming to buff out, and this frustrates me. The oven has a 4.8 cubic foot capacity and two adjustable oven racks; plenty of room for baking (I enjoy this), and an extra-large window so I can do a quick peek without opening the door (and there is an oven light I can turn on). It does not seem to keep an accurate temperature though (I have not had the thermostat looked at by a repair person).

Woodstock, GA


Whirlpool Freestanding Electric Range

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