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Whirlpool Freestanding Electric Range

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Perfect for a home cook!


I bought this range about four years ago when moving into my new house. I love to cook and bake and I loved that this model had the accubake feature. With this feature you don't have to turn your baked goods mid-cycle for even baking. And it definitely works! I love the smooth top and have had no problems with it. The controls for both baking and cook top are very easy to use and very simple. It is also a cinch to keep it clean. It vents itself nicely so no problems when I open the door. The temperature is very even and very accurate. The only con we have noticed is that it takes longer than average to pre heat. No idea why and it isn't enough of a problem to take action for you just have to be aware so you leave yourself enough time to preheat. We don't feel like it is a problem with the model, just a feature of this over and perhaps the accubake feature. Other than that it is a perfect range for baking, cooking, canning and cleaning.

Mount Laurel, NJ


Whirlpool seems to make reliable electric ovens.


Your oven should be one of those appliances that just works. You shouldn't have to think about it much. It needs to work when you need it, and not require much attention when you're not using it. This Whirlpool oven seems to meet all these requirements. It's easy to use. It doesn't take forever to preheat, the dials are easy to read and set. Just like an oven should be. It's also easy to clean. All of the electric burners detach and reattach easily so you can clean them and clean under them. The whole top surface also raises up and can get propped up (like the hood of a car) so you can clean all the crumbs and spills that find their way in there as well. And of course the oven itself cleans up easily, as long as you're consistent enough to clean it. I find cleaning it two or three times per year is sufficient enough. I've had ovens that have been a pain. Burners would not detach and reattach easily. Inside the oven would stain easily and be a pain to clean. Maybe it's just because those were older ovens, and this is a newer oven. But I'm satisfied with the quality of my Whirlpool electric range, and wouldn't hesitate to purchase another when the time came.

Nokomis, IL


Stay away from this one


I got brand whirpool free standing electric range. It looks nice but it doesn't work nice. The oven cooks uneven you have to put stuff on lower temperatures and rotate it because if you cook anything the way you normally do the bottom will burn no matter where the racks at if you are following your normal recipe.

Campbell, OH


Very accurate cooking :)


 This range is the first new one I've had in 12 years and I just LOVE it !! To compare it's options and price with others, you  can't go wrong. This range is a self-cleaning feature that I've yet to try ( of course, I just got it! )  but can't wait. Maybe I'll bake a cherry pie just to see how it works. Seriously, it has given me a great preheat option so that I don't have to keep looking for the red light ( like my old one ) because this one gives off a beep for just about everything on it! from the preheat feature to the timer. I can also set it to do upto 4 functions at once! I chose the electric model but it also comes in a gas model. There are 4 styles for this model and I chose the 3rd one. While the difference between my old one and this one can be compared to the difference between analog and digital, and the directions for usage were long, I'd recommend this range to anyone and I have! It's sleek, gives more precise cooking times and temperatures and I would buy this make and model again. I paid 599.00 for it but depending on your dealer, I'd give or take 75.00.  

Carlisle, PA


Whirlpool Freestanding Electric Range

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