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Whirlpool Fabric Freshener

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Handy freshening tool for lightly wrinkled clothing


I work in an industry where I wore suits all day everyday. I purchased this 2 years ago to help keep my suits fresh between dry cleanings when it may have been a little wrinkly but not dirty enough to dry clean. It is quite cool how it folds down and for its size becomes quite small. It is a little heavy though to move around so better if you find a place to store it without having to move it around too much. I also love how it just uses water to clean and freshen the fabric. No need for chemicals or other things. The cleaning instructions are a little cumbersome with vinegar to run through the system and it seems to use quite a bit of electricity and cause the room to heat up a bit so definitely did not want to use it as much in the summer time.

Salem, NH


Dry Clean Your Own Clothes


The Whirlpool Fabric Freshener will save you lots of money on dry cleaning and will pay for itself.  I have had this for about a year and love it.  It is great to clean clothes that can be dry cleaned only or that need to have the smell take out.  It will take wrinkles out of clothes, not clothes that have heavy wrinkles.  It comes with heavy clips to pull the clothes down to get the wrinkles out.  All you need to buy is distilled water that is all it takes to have nice cleaned clothes.  

Savannah, GA


Whirlpool Fabric Freshener

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