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TUD6710SB , TUD6710SQ
Whirlpool Estate Built-in Dishwasher

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years of clean dishes


I really wish I would have kept this dishwasher !!! My daughter got a new dishwasher stainless steel, so she said mom take ours its just a few years old & its white. So I said that sounds good. Thinking well this one might be quieter. Well its quieter alright!!! Because its not cleaning the DISHES :( so upset.. They say if its not broke don't fix it !!! So very true



The Whirpool Estate dishwasher is great value!


We recently purchased the Whirpool Estate dishwasher after our old one broke down. This was by far the cheapest dishwasher (price-wise) that we saw on the market. So far, I cannot say anything bad about this dishwasher! It does not have any of the fancy features of the mosr expensive models out there, but it does do one thing gets your dishes clean! For anyone who is on a budget and just wants something that will get your dishes clean and not much else, you can't go wrong with this model. It does have a few extra settings such as a high temp wash and a heavy duty and a pots/pans cycle as well as a heated drying or air dry setting. You can also leave small particles on your plates and this washer will still get them clean. It also chops up those small particles in the built in disposer so as not to clog your drain. The two racks are nice and big and it comes with a silverware basket as well. Bottom line is this. If you want a dishwasher with none of the bells and whistles for the lowest possible price, pick up the Whirpool Elite!

Heath, OH


Whirlpool Estate Built-in Dishwasher

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