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Whirlpool Electric Range RF265LXTT / RF265LXTQ

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Great stove and oven


I recently was given this stove from my parents and so far I love it! I previously had a range with coils so I was excited to finally have a smooth top! It's wonderful! It's nice that food doesn't spill out of pans and under the coils (and make a mess or catch on fire). This smooth top is easy to clean and can be used for more counter top space (when it's not hot). It does take a while to cool down once you turn the burners off but they do seem to heat up quickly when they are turned on. The oven works as expected. Just be aware that often times when the timer beeps the oven will also shut off. I made the mistake of just shutting off the timer and not checking to see if the oven was even still on and my cupcakes didn't bake all the way. I wish this oven had 3 racks but it's not a huge deal. Just would have been a nice feature. It comes with a broiler which is great to have. Whirlpool makes great appliances (also have Whirlpool fridge) and this range is no exception.


Greenville, SC


Probably wouldn't purchase again


I have had this stove for a few years now. It is a nice looking stove and has the sleek smooth cooktop that I thought would be a cinch to keep clean. Boy was I wrong. The main part of the stovetop still looks good but each burner has rings around it that are next to impossible to get off. I have tried various cleaners and techniques that I read online and nothing works. The stove itself is okay. I had to have it repaired just weeks after the one year warranty ran out. The control panel in the back caught fire in the middle of the night when the stove was not on. This was not a raging fire but the panel did burn slightly and the smoke detectors did go off. Even though the warranty had just expired, Whirlpool sent out a repairman and replaced the panel at their cost so I do have to say that Whirlpool stood by their product. The stove is fine. It cooks and does what it is supposed to do.


Falmouth, KY


Had to have repaired in 1st year but ok now


The oven was like 50 degrees off and had to be repaired within the first year. Whirlpool did however, honor the year warranty and repair it. It has worked fine since. I will say my opinion of the respectable company being thought of as a quality product has declined. I bought brand new appliances and the stove had to be repaired and the over the range microwave is junk but unfortunatley I didn't take it out of the box for over a year from the purchase date due to our kitchen remodel. 5 minutes on high and a bowl of chili is luke warm. Temperature Control was off by 50 degrees when we 1st bought it but Whirlpool repaired it under the year warranty.




Whirlpool Electric Range RF265LXTT / RF265LXTQ

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